Someone Stole Our Property !!! – Entrepreneur Dror Dorinbaum – Post 1

Real Estate Sales Done Right – Dror Dorinbaum – Entrepreneur of the Week – Post 1

“The Letter or – Someone Stole Our Property !!!”

I am 15 years old coming home from school at noon, as usual opening the mailbox at my parents’ house and putting out letters to put on the table in the dining area. For years that was my mission. That day something strange happened. One letter from the Bank of Jerusalem shows our address Herzl 33 Apartment 4 in honor of Yosef Yehuda. For years I have been collecting mail from the box and there has never been a letter from this bank, I did not know there was such a bank until that letter. But how strange my parents call Jacob and Rachel and I only heard the name Yosef Yehuda in living room conversations at our house. But what’s the connection ?? What does it have to do with choosing a guy named Yossi who would come to visit friends, nuts and football games to our home and to a letter from some false bank to my parents’ home address ??

I went into the house and gave the letter along with the rest of the letters to my mother and noted in her face that it is very strange that their friend this Yossi is registered on a letter addressed to our house! Which is the home of my late grandparents.
My mother’s look became different, and something in me realized that something very significant had happened that led to it. I asked how could this be? She did not answer and walked suspiciously slowly towards the bedroom.

12 years later, my father receives a phone call from my parents’ lawyer, Adv. Yitzhak Borovsky, in a long and tedious 12-year trial, informing him that we won NIS 120 but lost the house. That house in Herzl 33 Apartment 4 that belonged to my grandparents, as a result of fraud by 3 criminals (two crooks and a lawyer who had his license revoked) very sophisticated who stole the house cunningly while committing an exemplary sting. (The names are not fictitious because the trial is over and its course is even taught at several universities and law schools here and there as a case study and legal precedents).

Over the course of 12 years my parents lost all their money, and their property, family, friends, and everything that belonged to them in physical or mental property died and was buried in the courtyard sands of that house.
12 years of loss left behind only smoke, and black soot in the heart of a family whose whole existence died with that house in Herzl 33 Apartment 4.

For those who shake their heads “this is just a house, family stays strong even after material loss” probably never tasted in his life the bitter taste of reality blowing in the necks of parents of 2 children without food in the fridge for over 3 years after selling their soul to fund a length trial Of 12 years. And of course not wishing anyone.
Yes, I was one of those people who no one would have guessed was hungry. And make no mistake I’m not really ashamed of it, on the contrary, today I understand that I survived it with all the principles and morals I received at home and all the self-respect I had, and I never robbed anyone of anything. And if you ask most of my friends from that period they probably did not know any of this.
But it happened, and it built the monster I call today Dror.

Very pleasant, my name is Dror, 44, happily married to Liron, a proud father to Ariel and Alona, ​​and I have succeeded in life.
During this week I will share insights, stories and landmarks, on the road to success.

In the next episode (teaser):
“Well done! Now put everything back in the box and start over ”

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