U.S Multi-family developers with a 20+ year track record and large pipeline of multi-family projects in Florida and Texas.

Here are the highlights of Gabriel & David Amiel in their upcoming Nadlan Expo 2023 lecture:

1. Why the US market is a smart investment choice.
2. The benefits of multi-family assets in Florida and Texas.
3. Step-by-step process of turning land into rental communities.
4. Insights from experienced developers on successful projects.
5. Latest trends shaping the multi-family real estate market.

Interview with Gabriel Amiel towards his lecture at Nadlan Expo 2023

Nadlan Expo 2023 Lecture

Invest Capital Group

Invest Capital Group is a  real estate investment management and development firm focused on multifamily assets in Florida and Texas.

• Since 2003, the executive team has assembled over 7 million square feet of real estate worth over $2 billion.

• With over 20 years of experience, ICG has a long standing relationships with financial institutions, brokers, and local governments.

• ICG’s strategy for residential properties is twofold:

1. We focus on high-growth markets like Florida and Texas, where population and job growth continue to significantly outpace the broader United States.

2. We build Class A residential properties for professionals looking for mid-range rental rates in niche suburbs with high median incomes, top-rated school districts, and accessibility to major employers.

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