About the facilitator - Danny Beit Or just did it, CEO and founder

Danny Beit Or Real Estate Investment Specialist, Lecturer and Mentor.
Danny is now considered to be a leader in residential real estate investment.
For the past 16 years, Danny has been working as an independent real estate investor and mentoring real estate investors from around the world. The scope of its activities includes the accompaniment of more than 4500 real estate transactions in various markets in the United States.
In his lectures, he teaches and shares his rich experience, as someone who experienced the great real estate crisis in the United States and succeeded in it. In addition, Danny shares with the participants in the lecture the practical method he developed for real estate investments. Danny brings to his lectures a fresh look at the field of real estate investing, and teaches how to avoid common mistakes and unnecessary risks along the way.

More about Danny Beit-Or and the company Just Did It: SimplyDoIt.net

The nature of the meetings

Weekly (zoom) and intimate meeting. Each session will include study content by topic from the session, questions and answers also to things for married people that are not directly related to the main topic, open discussion about investments, flooding topics and challenges, tracking topics from previous sessions.
To maximize success, it is recommended that serial participants take an active part in each session.

Duration of a meeting between one and a half and two hours


The cost of the first series per participant: NIS 1400
The cost of a sequel series per participant: 1200 NIS

Each series is limited to up to 10 participants

Critical Aspects for Real Estate Investment Success in the US

This is your chance to take the next step and invest in real estate!
Few lecturers come with rich experience, an orderly program, information, support and infrastructure that allow you to be practical when it comes to real estate investments.
This series of lectures will give you the information and tools you need to get started and continue investing in income-producing properties to do in the US.
Learn from 16 experience experience!

First series

Session 1: General Introduction to US Real Estate Investments and Details of the Investment Process

Emphasis with the direct and comprehensive differences in real estate investments between Israel and the United States. Important aspects of investment, cultural differences, what are the factors involved in the spirit of transactions, what role and what makes the purchase itself acceptable.

Session 2: Understanding ownership structures: Company or direct

Discussion of ways of holding assets, what considerations should be taken regarding the decision on how to call the property, and important emphases on proper and proper conduct for the company's professionals.

Session 3: Understand insurance and types of insurance that can be used

The world of insurance is a Kirti and complex world. This chapter makes an order in understanding insurance, what types of insurance there are, what sections are important to make sure there are in insurance and in addition shows a small and important utility to assist in purchasing and comparing insurances.

Session 4: Creating a Business Plan of a Rantle Deal

What is the correct way to analyze a rental transaction + using Excel to analyze a transaction, and what are the common mistakes in transaction analysis.

Second Series - Continuation Meetings - Extended Plan

Session 5: Sources of Business Operations

This chapter presents a large number of sources of support and assistance in all sorts of aspects of the business with an emphasis on low or zero cost sources. Some sources will also explain I am willing to experiment or use them and will also give tips that help understand how to delegate authority to others in the business.

Session 6: Objective and personality parameters to maximize success

This meeting presents two important "buckets" of a business owner. One “bucket” explains the subjective aspects of a transaction and the other “bucket” presents, explains and emphasizes what are the important mental muscles for any entrepreneur to maximize success.

Session 7: Common Mistakes and What to Recommend Be Careful

This session will present and conduct a discussion of common mistakes that investors make when it comes to investing or getting success. This meeting is based on a large number of investments, mistakes made and how to create risks.

Session 8: Tips to maximize success in selling property and other general tips

This chapter gathers into it all sorts of tips, highlights, tips, etc. that are difficult to concentrate in one chapter. Hungarian is how to maximize success in the property hit. Additional tips are in the context of general conduct regarding various aspects of a transaction and aspects of conduct and communication in general.

Questions and Answers on the Mentormind Program

We have collected common questions for you

  1. Why entrepreneurship and why real estate? - The reason makes the difference
  2. Attitude and perseverance - the key to success
  3. Communication, marketing and sales as major tools
  4. Search and find deals - the bottom line determines
  1. Education - the tool for growth and development
  2. Transaction Analysis - The numbers that make a transaction
  3. Negotiation - Creating value and closing deals
  4. The endless game - the approach to building a long-term business

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Extreme mentoring track

Students in the cycle: 5 only

Camera sharing: Yes

Off Microphone: No

File Sharing Participant Participates in Recovery Mentoring: Yes

Download files and chores shared by the mentor: Yes

Uploading Trainee Files While Recovery Mentoring: Yes

Receiving files from the facilitator such as lecture files, excels, etc .: Yes

Sending questions while mentoring everyone: Yes

I can see the questions asked: everyone

Option to send a private message to another trainee or mentor: Yes

Chat access while mentoring: Yes

On-screen drawing service: Yes

Personal Progress Tracking: Yes

Personal Mentoring: Yes

Assignment tracking: Yes

Escort Transactions: Yes

Getting the Full Bonus Package: Yes

Reference to the recording database of all mentors: Yes

Watching the recording of the mentoring: Yes

Access to Website Transaction Site: Yes

Full service for interviews of a panel of real estate experts: Yes

Full access to the recorded forum sessions lectures: Yes

Service for the database of real estate files on the site: Yes

Full service for Nafdia Real Estate: Yes

Access to Online Calculators: Yes (currently under development)

Access to the Mentors Consultation Forum on the site: Yes

Option to join the semi-annual tour with the Mentor: Yes

Free weekly consultation with the forum: Yes

$ 500 discount in closing costs in buying a mentor property: Yes

Backup of the Purchasing Forum: Yes

Possibility to advance to the basic route: Yes

Possibility to progress to a monthly mentoring track: Yes

Cost: The regular price of the program - you can not use the coupon but there are no double discounts


Membership in the track as an active observer

Easy initiation track

The participants are active partners in need of mentoring - they are the audience

Their microphone is off

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Imagine a facilitator addressing the audience for questions - but most of the time the audience watches the show, makes comments and asks at a time that suits the facilitator - the mentor will decide when the appropriate time to respond to questions from the audience

Students in the cycle: 20 only

Camera Sharing: No (Mentor can give permissions if needed)

Microphone off: Yes by default (the mentor can give permissions if necessary)

Download files and chores shared by the mentor: Yes

Uploading Viewer Files During Mentoring Run: No

Sending questions while mentoring to the mentor or trainees: Yes - with the approval of the mentor

I can see the questions asked: only the mentor

Option to send a private message to another trainee or mentor: No.

Access to chat while mentoring: Yes - with the approval of the mentor

On-screen drawing service: no

Personal Progress Tracking: No.

Personal Mentoring: No.

Assignment Tracking: No.

Escort Transactions: No

Getting the Full Bonus Package: No.

Service for the recording database of all mentors: no

Watching the recording of the mentoring: No.

Access to the site of the transaction: No

Full service for interviews of a panel of real estate experts: no

Full access to the recorded forum sessions lectures: no

Access the site's real estate database: no

Full service for Nafdia Real Estate: no

Online calculator service: no

Service for the mentors' advice forum on the site: no

Possibility to join the semi-annual tour with the mentor: with the approval of the mentor

Free weekly consultation with the forum: no

$ 500 discount in closing costs in buying a mentor property: Yes

Backup of the Purchasing Forum: Yes

Possibility to advance to the basic route: Yes - need for the mentor's opinion

Possibility to advance to a monthly mentoring track: Yes - for the mentor's opinion

Cost: Half price - there are double discounts! - Use a discount coupon to change and you have one, and also get an additional 50 percent off the light track! As said - real estate for everyone!

Schedule of upcoming meetings Danny Beth

Appointments Appointments Dates
Meeting 1
General introduction to real estate investing in the US and detailing the investment again
Tuesday 11 20 00:XNUMX
Meeting 2
Understanding ownership structures: company or direct
Tuesday 18 20 00:XNUMX
Meeting 3
Understand insurance policies and types of insurance that can be used
Tuesday 25 20 00:XNUMX
Meeting 4
Creating a business plan for a renting deal
Tuesday, March 3 20:00
Meeting 5
Sources of business operations
Tuesday, March 10 20:00
Meeting 6
Objective and personality parameters maximize success
Tuesday, March 17 20:00
Meeting 7
Common mistakes and what to recommend to watch out for
Tuesday, March 24 20:00
Meeting 8
Tips for maximizing success in selling property and other general tips
Tuesday, March 31 20:00

Mentor Tal Levy in action

Recommendations on Tal Levy

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