Services for forum members in the field of real estate

The Forum negotiates with companies and professionals to obtain a group discount for members of the forum


1. Opening a bank account in the US without the need to arrive
2. Opening an LLC company at a reduced cost
3. Transaction analysis service in a variety of areas in the US - whether it is worthwhile or not
4. Discounts are available for frontal courses
5. Courses on the forum site in a minimum
5. Building a business website for a real estate entrepreneur by an expert
6. Building a business presentation for an asset by a graphic artist
7. Compasses to your properties by regional expert
8. Discounts for immigration lawyers
9. Group price for contractors, Teitel companies, Inspectors
10. Discounts are concentrated in tax reports by accountants


Forum members are welcome to contact us via the contact page for products that interest you, and subscribe to the newsletter of concentrated discounts

Professionals are welcome to contact us to offer their services