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Interview with this week's entrepreneur Daniel Nissim

Introductory post
Entrepreneur of the Week Daniel Nissim # Post 1

January 2018, 0400 in the morning, I am then a soldier in the Israeli Air Force in a control tower in the south, in the background noise of fighter jets taking off and landing and all that goes through my mind is where I find a small table with lighting that I can sit next to learn English Grammar 🙂

The reason for this is very simple - I decided I wanted to leave everything, the "convenient" route that included safe shift work in a five-digit supervision tower and fulfill a childhood dream, from the time I was playing Lego, or dice in kindergarten and start being a real estate entrepreneur! And not just a real estate developer but in the US - the land of unlimited possibilities!

The trigger that motivated me was a physical encounter with Robert Schmin of Project X, who was then the richest person I had ever met and at the same time the nicest person I had ever met, and managed to shatter so many barriers in a lecture he gave somewhere at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv. When he finished the lecture I wanted to approach him and tell him that he simply without noticing changed my life forever - and I just could not speak! My English (the same English of 5 pieces, the same English of TV series and movies in English) betrayed me - and I realized that I had never learned any communicative English at all that allows you to have a conversation or do business in this language

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How to increase sales without selling at all in 4 simple steps

Entrepreneur of the Week Daniel Nissim # Post 2

Imagine that you are not feeling well (nor is it Corona ..) and you went to the doctor at the nearest call center, entered the doctor's room and sat down, and immediately the doctor started with a bunch of quick words “Listen I have a new medicine, you have not seen such things! Forget paracetamol! , Forget Madville !, is what you need, here is a prescription for the drug please! Take it and buy it here at the pharmacy across the street - feel good! ”

What is likely to happen is that you walk out the doctor's door, throw the prescription, go to the available doctor in the room for him to treat you properly and tell him the crazy doctor in the room next door - the same crazy doctor who gives prescriptions to patients without diagnosing them and understanding - what they need or Want?

The example with the doctor is so simple to understand, but many of us ignore it that this is our entrepreneurial business and it is a bitter mistake

Let's start by saying that we are all whether we like it or not, sales people, sales = persuasion of the other side, no matter what field you are in real estate you have to convince someone on the other side of the table / phone / zoom lol

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