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30-year mortgage rates over 4%: Look for shorter repayment terms to find good deals for terms like before the Corona plague

Mortgage rates have risen since yesterday, but 10-year and 15-year interest rates still offer savings opportunities.

It is hard to believe that only a year ago half the mortgage interest rates fell below 2 percent, but historically even a 4 percent interest rate is a bargain, and since interest rates are currently rising, any interest rate you catch today will probably not return in the next 10 years at least. So let's learn some tricks and ideas we at Nadlan Capital Group perform to give you the best mortgage offer. 

Hint: Let's learn how much you can save if you compare terms with one more bank, with 5 banks - and what do you think about 76 financing bodies?

Also is there a mortgage mix that can give you interest rates like they were in July 2020 at the height of the Corona epidemic? Let's check!

Can you believe the interest rates have been below 2% just 1.5 years ago? Can we still get such rates today?


Based on data collected by Nadlan Capital GroupMortgage rates have risen since yesterday, when the 30-year and 20-year interest rates broke to 4% for the first time since May 2019. Experts predict that the 30-year mortgage rates will reach 4% in 2022, but today's rises do not say Inevitably the rates will remain at this level throughout the year. Cumulative day-to-day traffic is common in mortgage interest rates, so buyers should compare the best available price and lock in mortgage interest rates when they find a bargain.

Company Nadlan Capital Group Performs a reverse tender between 76 vows to find for you the best mortgage offer while fully accompanying the loan process and filling out the forms in your native language.

  • 30-year fixed mortgage rates: 4.125%, up from 3.750%, +0.375
  • 20-year fixed mortgage rates: 4.000%, up from 3.500%, +0.500
  • 15-year fixed mortgage rates: 3.250%, up from 3.000%, +0.250
  • 10-year fixed mortgage rates: 3.250%, up from 2.990%, +0.260


Rates last updated on Feb. 11, 2022. These rates are based on the assumptions shown here. Actual rates may vary.

What it means: Buyers who have deferred mortgage interest rates may find their best way to save today in the shorter repayment term. While 30-year and 20-year mortgage rates have risen, the 15-year and 10-year rate hikes have not yet pushed these repayment terms out of the bargaining territory.



Let's take a look at today's mortgage refinancing rates

After holding steady for two consecutive days, mortgage recycling rates went up in all repayment terms. Still, shorter-term repayment interest rates remain in the bargaining zone, near or below the pre-epidemic mortgage rates. Homeowners who want to lock in a rate today may still be able to find a deal by comparing shopping and searching for a shorter repayment period. If you are considering refinancing an existing home, check out what refinancing rates look like:

  • 30-year fixed-rate refinance: 4.125%, up from 3.750%, +0.375
  • 20-year fixed-rate refinance: 4.000%, up from 3.500%, +0.500
  • 15-year fixed-rate refinance: 3.375%, up from 3.125%, +0.250
  • 10-year fixed-rate refinance: 3.250%, up from 2.990%, +0.260

Site like Nadlan Capital Group Can be a great help when you are ready to compare mortgage financing loans. The site allows you to get rates of Title loans from a large number of different financing entities competing for your loan.

How To Get Low Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates and refinancing are affected by many economic factors, such as unemployment rates and inflation. But your personal financial history will also determine the rates that will be offered to you - how much experience you have in real estate, your liquidity and more.

While we specialize in loans to foreign residents, of course if you have a credit score, the history of tax payments and working with a steady income your terms will improve.

To obtain loans for foreign residents, the investor must own an LLC with an EIN number and a US bank account holder.

If you want to get the lowest monthly mortgage payment possible, taking the following steps can help you ensure a lower rate on your investment loan:

Improving your credit score

Debt repayment

Making a bigger down payment

It is also a good idea to compare rates from different lenders to find the best rate for your financial goals. According to a Freddie Mack study, borrowers can save an average of $ 1,500 over the course of their loan life by accepting just one additional quote - and an average of $ 3,000 by comparing five quotes.

We are on Nadlan Capital Group We specialize in examining dozens of offers at the same time and bidding between the various offers and everything in filling out one loan application and with full support - which can lead to savings of thousands of dollars.

Nadlan Capital Group Can help you compare rates from multiple mortgage lenders simultaneously. Looking to recycle an existing home? Use Nadlan Capital Group's online tools to compare rates and get loan approval today.

Up-to-date mortgage rates

The average mortgage interest rate currently across all repayment terms stands at 3.656%, the highest since we started reporting mortgage rate data in October 2020.

Current mortgage rates for 30 years

The current interest rate for a fixed-rate mortgage for 30 years is 4.125%. It went up from yesterday. Thirty years is the most common repayment term for mortgages because 30 year mortgages usually give you a lower monthly payment. But they also usually come with higher interest rates, meaning you will end up paying more interest over the life of the loan.

Current mortgage rates for 20 years

The current interest rate for a 20-year fixed-rate mortgage is 4,000%. It went up from yesterday. Shortening your repayment period by only 10 years can result in you receiving a lower interest rate - and paying less at the total interest rate over the life of the loan.

Current mortgage rates for 15 years

The current interest rate for a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage is 3.250%. It went up from yesterday. Fifteen year mortgages are the second most common mortgage term. A 15-year mortgage may help you get a lower rate over a 30-year period - and pay less interest over the life of the loan - while maintaining manageable monthly payments.

Current mortgage rates for 10 years

The current interest rate for a 10-year fixed-rate mortgage is 3.250%. It went up from yesterday. Although less common than a 30-year and 15-year mortgage, a 10-year fixed-rate mortgage usually gives you lower interest rates and lifetime interest costs, but a higher monthly mortgage payment.

How to calculate mortgage rates in Nadlan Capital Group

Changing economic conditions, central bank policy decisions, investor sentiment and other factors affect the movement of mortgage rates. Reliable average mortgage rates and mortgage recycling rates are calculated based on information provided by partner lenders to Nadlan Capital Group.

The rates assume that the borrower has a credit score of 740 and he borrows a conventional loan for a single-family home that will be his primary residence. The rates also assume no discount points and a 20% down payment.

The loan to foreign residents that is made No Doc and given on the basis of a non-residential investment property - meaning without a credit score, credit history, tax filing or income will often be about 1 percent more expensive than interest rates for US residents and citizens for first home purchase.

These mortgage rates are meant to give you an idea of ​​the current average interest rates. The rate you will receive may vary depending on a number of factors.

Factors Affecting Mortgage Rates (and Not in Your Control)

Many factors affect the interest rate that the lender may offer you. Some of them - like your credit score - are under your control. But others that you have no ability to influence, such as:

The economy - During a financial recession, the Fed may lower interest rates to try to stimulate the economy. And when the economy is successful, interest rates can go up.

inflation - Interest rates tend to fluctuate with inflation. When the total cost of goods and services rises, interest rates are likely to rise as well.

Federal Reserve The Fed may choose to lower interest rates to stimulate a struggling economy, or raise interest rates in an attempt to catch up with inflation.

Macro employment trends - When many people are unemployed, as they were during the months of the epidemic closure, mortgage rates may fall. As employment increases, so does interest rates

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