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Interview with this week's entrepreneur Tali Kaplan - Real Estate and Investments in the United States

Tali Kaplan, 35, Ramat Gan, nice to meet you 💃
And I started my real estate career at the age of 25, specifically in the country in the real estate market where I still operate - Nahariya (forever called "our beloved Nahariya") so excuse me if there are also mentions of Israel, but real estate is real estate and he Identical in thinking, conducting and understanding the rules of desire all over the world.
And dare I say
Not just real estate in general, investments and money (well, life will be spent).
Understanding the rules of the game is perhaps my most important thing and it took a long time to learn.
The beginning: At the age of 25, after a few years of living in London, I returned to Israel and thought about what to do with myself and what I would be when I grew up. Like many here I soon realized that the idea of ​​selling time for money did not really occur to me, even though it would take a few more years until I could stop "working" for others completely, and so I found myself doing a business entrepreneurship course, on this cross I say life was up - and after.
But I had no idea about the business. I continued to the capital market, but after one lesson I realized that it is not my natural tendency to sit all day in front of a computer and in front of graphs. And so I was left with real estate entrepreneurship. Lucky that when I entered the class - there I saw life (otherwise who knows where it was today).
I do not know what exactly caused me from the whole class * yes * to commit suicide for it, yes to perform all the tasks, yes to go down to the field every Friday no matter what, and not to break.
Including the fact that my dear mother came with me every day space (but really to everyone) in order to protect me from failure and losses.
At this point you are asking yourself what will Mom's knowledge happen to me in real estate? nothing.
What is its contribution to power? Go with me to every meeting, property, conversation with a seller and a realtor just to tell me (like the rest of the world) that there is no such thing as below price deals, you're crazy, where do you get money from? Fill your head with nonsense in this course, sell you dreams, and more and more and more…
So what's her real contribution? 1. You will find out at the end (this is the sign to put in suspenseful music)
2. Where we are in the story - strengthening the mindset of not listening to background noises - even if they are a mother who comes every week to "save" me from failure.
Because what happens when two people argue, and it happened every week, is that each side fortifies itself in a stronger position. And I was more and more determined from time to time to prove to her and to the world (and to myself) that there is! And I will be a big real estate entrepreneur (one day).
In the process after a few months of hard work- I found an investor! The light at the end of the tunnel has arrived, one problem is solved.

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Introductory post - Tali Kaplan

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