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Interview with this week's entrepreneur Ran Gilad

Entrepreneur of the Week Post 1 Introduction

Hi, my name is Ran Gilad. I'm another moment.
What will I write and what will I say in order to keep you with me throughout the week and all the posts I will upload… ..
First I will find out that I have been under pressure for a month and thinking how to give you useful information and that will leave you reading until the end
Secondly I do so many things that are not necessarily real estate that I do not know if it will interest you, you will understand throughout the week that real estate with me is a part of life and I get to do it fun and effortlessly.
So like someone born in a kibbutz we grew up together with everyone but there was no family in the clear sense of the family, so the picture I uploaded because for me family is everything and these are my children and I will lie on every fence to take care and make their needs accessible
I think I never became the businessman I could have been because family for me is first and foremost and it was always me who came back at four to pick up the kids from kindergarten and more.
I am the son of a mother who was the first baby of Kibbutz Afikim and a father who was one of the founders of Kibbutz Revivim and a Flemish warrior who all my life as a child I remember that the concept of work and meetings in the kibbutz was a supreme value before the self….
I have 6 brothers and sisters and my father whose parents divorced at the age of 8 undertook that each and every one of his children would own a home.
So I say that from the age of 8 I have been in real estate because every Saturday we would travel and build (yes physically) the house of one of the brothers, I was called Hapoel Awak.
At the same time all the adult lives what could have been done and not put into practice we would have done.

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