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Interview with this week's entrepreneur - Tzachi Shenrach - Real Estate Investments in the United States

In 2014 I made my first steps in US real estate.
I did a lot of flips in Be'er Sheva and heard about the more amazing flips that are made in the US and I always dreamed of being an international businessman so come on I'm inside too. (When I was a teenager I shared a friend with this fantasy so he answered me with contempt - yes really… Cracking Tzachi America)
My friend Oren Levin and we started groping, we checked a bit on the Internet (pre-world of groups on Facebook), a bit with friends, a meeting with an experienced lawyer and a one-day workshop with Rafi Mizrahi and Haida to Phoenix, Arizona
From my acquaintance with the world of flips in the country I knew that if there was anything that could ruin for sure buying a property it was that the seller knew I was a professional and that I was going to make money from his property. Or as they say in the country: I am going to earn "on it".
This also applies to the sale - if the buyer feels that I made a profit on it or that I made a checkout on it, then all the desire will go down to him.
In Israel, I always tried to work with realtors and not directly in front of sellers or buyers and I used to avoid introductory conversations of "So what do you do in life?" (What can I say? "Buying houses cheaply from people who do not understand the full potential of their home, improves and sells at maximum price to buyers who are willing to pay nicely for a renovated house"?)
Thus, with this Israeli approach, we began to see properties in the United States.
At one of the properties we saw in Phoenix, the seller himself met us along with the broker, who was also our local partner, and he introduced us to the seller enthusiastically, more or less with these words:
These two guys came from Israel to make money in real estate, they will buy your house for $ 110,000, renovate for another $ 60,000 and sell for $ 240,000 !!
I became white! I looked at Oren with a look of "WTF, what exactly did this jerk do now ??" After all, there is no chance that now this seller will sell us his house if he knows that it is possible to earn a few tens of thousands of dollars from his house… Now the "secret" business has been published, and he will invest some money and sell the house himself renovated and earn what we planned - what is Sucker ??
And as I think it to myself and myself transmitting it in the light of the pine, the second part has arrived. The seller's answer, which was even more surprising than the idiot who introduced us.

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