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Real Estate and Interest - United States Real Estate Forum!

The best real estate forum in the world!

Our slogan: sharing. Learn. Building a future.

People involved:

“Real Estate” - to the great and terrible realtor - as long as you share posts, he looks down and takes care of great deals and great returns.

"Bieber Flipper" - the mascot of the forum found in our logo - the cute Bieber who likes to do flips.

"Gnomes, Giants and Entrepreneurs" - Gnomes are all those who have not yet made deals, and giants are experienced investors. Our goal in the forum is to bring together as many gnomes as possible with giants and thus help gnomes become giants. For every three gnomes that Giant helped, you have a guaranteed place in Real Estate Paradise. Entrepreneurs are giants who also market assets for a living.

“Some Basic Laws”
The forum is working on an algorithm that automatically pulls out members who haven't shared a post for two months and don't respond regularly. If flying is not personal, the system also blocks you from joining back automatically. This is a forum for collaborations - if you are an entrepreneur - talk about yourself. You haven't invested yet - ask questions.
Let’s start by responding to this post with your name and some details about your journey in the real estate world.

"This is a forum without advertising and all conversations are made on the forum"
Do not send phone numbers and do not ask for details. You have something to consult - this must be done on the forum.
Want to advertise? For all 4 posts of value, you will post the fourth entry of the add value at the bottom of the post: name, role, company, phone, email, website. (No other contact details will be allowed).

"Prohibiting Massive Appeal to Messenger Members for Creating Mailing Lists"
If you reach out to you with messages to purchase real estate or join other groups without requesting it, please report to the forum management and the user will be blocked from the forum immediately. We also operate mechanisms for detecting such members and such activity is prohibited ..

“Real Estate”
The forum has dozens of study units in various areas that include posts in all areas of real estate - how to open a bank account in the United States, opening a company, US and Israeli taxation, renovations, inspectors, etc., plus important forum posts, real estate news, metap updates and more.
To get to Landlapedia, click on the “Units” tab, or “Units”.

“Entrepreneur of the Week” and “Broadcast Calendar”
Every week, we let a different entrepreneur host the forum - which means writing 7 posts, one per day, to post at the top of the forum. The posts are educational. If you think you have the ability to host the forum for a week, please contact us for a review and add your name to our broadcast schedule page:

“Asset scene”
This is an exclusive group that enables entrepreneurs who have passed the “Entrepreneur of the Week” route to publish quality assets on full property information.
“Entrepreneur of the Week” gets the opportunity to post 7 properties for the 7 posts he published. Then, for each property posting, a new metric entry must be posted, or post paid.

The scene of our website:

Map of assets

“The Entrepreneurs and Companies Guide” - Collaborations between the Forum and Real Estate Companies
Any entrepreneur or real estate company can create a profile on the forum site that includes a description of the company, a logo and a link to its website for a similar profile on the company website with a back link to the forum site, or for a fee.
The site has thousands of members a month and this is an opportunity to expose your company to the community.
Link to the directory of companies and entrepreneurs on the site:

Entrepreneurs & Companies Guide - Real Estate Companies Ranking

The forum meets once every two months. To this day, all of the metaphor sessions have been sold to their full extent, and those who have waited missed. The metaphor reflects the forum on the ground - collaborative forum members and meetings between investors and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and real estate companies or services in the field who want to present to the public are welcome to contact us. For details and tickets:

“Our Website”
Includes study information from the forum and the possibility of creating a business profile for entrepreneurs who collaborate with the forum - meaning a business profile with us on the site for a business profile on the forum at the developer site or alternatively a paid business profile. Welcome to contact us for details.

“Sports Flash and Medal Winners”
Once a week we publish the most active and active members of the forum, as well as those who have been ranked by Facebook as talk-provoking or rising stars.
The three most active players receive prizes such as discounts for the Metap meetings.

"Technical Support"
The forum has a number of chat rooms dedicated to technical support, including for entrepreneurs who advertise in the property arena, Real Estate, the Directory of Companies and Entrepreneurs, the medal winners and sports flash, and every metap. In each chat, only relevant questions should be asked about his or her topic. To access chats:


“Newsletter Signup”
The newsletter sends out weekly forum updates in a clean format to your email box. You can also fall asleep for asset updates from the "Asset Arena". To register:

“Our YouTube Channel”
Includes all site videos - subscribe to the channel and click the bell to make sure you get updates every time a new video is uploaded:

Includes real estate updates and original plans

“Bieber Flipper Store”
Want to financially support forum activities while enjoying top-notch products? Welcome to buy shirts, sweaters, phone covers, coffee cups, etc. with the forum logo.

"Our Facebook Page" - Give us a likeness and feedback 5 stars and enter the free ticket lottery draw for every month of Bieber Flipper Shirt:


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