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(Gentrification) Why gentrification does not always have to be a bad thing

"Gentrification - Causes"
What is it exactly? What it means?
Gentrification - Causes This is a planned or unplanned bourgeois urban social process of moving the middle and upper class population to weak neighborhoods - usually in city centers, while constantly changing the character of the neighborhood and repressing the original population. Often accompanied by the process of street renewal, home renovation and turnover of businesses in the area. From Wikipedia.

It often causes an increase in rent and property value, as well as changes in the culture and character of the neighborhood. While there are many critics of gentrification, there are also some benefits to this process. First, it can help improve the quality of life of the residents in the area. In addition, it can also lead to new jobs and economic growth in the neighborhood.

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(Gentrification) Why gentrification does not always have to be a bad thing



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