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New project in the capital of the United States - Washington DC near the new headquarters of Amazon so why did we choose Washington DC?

Investment opportunity in the capital of the United States

New project in the capital of the United States - Washington DC near the new headquarters of Amazon
So why did we choose Washington DC?
The highest average wage across the United States - $ 90,842 - is renters who are able to pay for quality.
The project is in a super central location - 6 minutes from the Capitol - a very central location for reaching the coveted jobs that the city has to offer.
For those who do not know - Washington DC is divided into 4 quarters with the Capitol in the center - in 3 of them almost no building areas can be found - in areas near the Capitol presidents live in tens of millions of dollars, such as Clinton and Obama. 4 of the first 5 presidents chose to live near the White House:
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe

And of course Jeff Bezos also owns Amazon - so he will have proximity to the new headquarters and the Washington Post he owns. Adjacent to the coolest street in Washington DC - if you like Washington DC's Sheinkin or Bushwick - cool restaurants, bars, yoga and sports studios and clubs. Multi-family designed and hitchhiking in a contemporary style in the last area in a neighborhood that is undergoing rapid gentrification

Resistance to crises

Crisis Resistance - Over 600,000 high-income government jobs that will continue to exist even in times of crisis and this is out of 718,355 residents - one job per resident!
As long as the United States exists these jobs will exist - not transient trend jobs. We have seen in the recent crisis that traditional industry stocks like restaurants, hotels, etc. have fallen miraculously - there are areas in the United States that depend on tourism and believe it or not the 2021 immigration data released in recent days showed that Miami and Las Vegas were actually negative immigration - highly dependent on tourism. (A post about that with accurate graphs will come up soon).
There is nothing to talk about New York at all - the queen of negative immigration - about 300,000 people left it in a crisis - especially Manhattan but also the surrounding areas - we will also talk about this soon with graphs about the immigration trend, historical median and construction starts in each area. I live in New York and it's sad for me to say but the data does not lie. Most immigrants by the way believe it or not have moved to Sarasota, Florida - a classic area for retirees with the highest cross-section of detectors in the United States - apparently decided on early retirement during the Corona era.

Washington is a very stable market that was hardly hit during the crisis of 2008 - think where you want to be in the coming crisis - in an area with hundreds of thousands of government jobs and companies such as Amazon that only got stronger in the crisis because people are increasingly booking online or in a tourism dependent area
Amazon's new headquarters that will bring in at least 25,000 high-wage high-tech workers (according to the contract with Amazon) - Meet your new tenants!

What's good for Amazon is good for us too

For those who do not remember, we started working on investing in the Amazon Fund as early as the end of 2008 and we were the first to tell the Israeli public about the historical bidding - even when this forum started on WhatsApp - we did not stop working on it and we are glad we managed By Jeff Bezos:

And local collaborations:

For those who do not remember, Amazon with its team of analysts examined all the states of the United States and chose Virginia, which is close to Washington Disi due to the fact that it matched all the important parameters for its new headquarters - Young and high-tech crowd, international airport, universities, salary levels and more - more about that here

Designer on - Karim Rashid

With the place good for Amazon, of course it is also good for us.
A well-known strategy is to buy for example in areas where Starbucks - which sell coffee for $ 7 and not Dunkin Donatas which costs $ 3 - a population that can afford coffee for $ 7 can pay high rents and Starbucks analysts have already done the work for us and analyzed the area socioeconomically - so of course In a completely different scale - Amazon - they did the work for us and analyzed all the states of the United States and chose the Washington DC area - and as a result we chose this area for our project.
World-renowned designer - Karim Rashid! - In the top five in the world

And in addition to that there is extensive tourism - there is no US tour that does not end with a picture with the White House, Washington DC is the museum capital as admission to most of its wonderful museums is free - and yes, Spielberg's World Holocaust Museum is there too - and that's our connection to the city.

Want details:
Leave here - www.NadlanInvest.com

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