The Benefits of Investing in Washington DC In a time of crisis

The Benefits of Investing in Washington DC In a time of crisis

Going back to visit our project in Washington DC, the capital of the United States, to share from the field about the progress of the project, show what the United States capital has to offer and of course visit the new headquarters of Amazon - the location chosen by Amazon after two years of searches across the United States - worth following!
If Amazon is good then surely we too - Washington DC. Chosen by Amazon as the best place to set up its new headquarters - what were the parameters and why Washington DC? Read here:

Why not Uganda? Amazon HQ2

And what does this mean for us?
Beyond breaking the United States is America's highest wage earner with an average wage of $ 94,000, and beyond the 750,000 residents there are 650,000 high-paying government jobs that will exist even in a time of crisis (as long as the United States exists) - we got another 25,000 white-collar jobs. To the graduates of the many universities in the Amazon region - and this is exactly our audience for the new and trendy residential complex we are building.
The right country for the current phase of the US real estate market
Investing in a very strong market that is resistant to crises - the market that proved itself in the last crisis of 2008 with almost no drop in prices - are you ready for the next crisis that is around the corner? The real estate market is cyclical and after 15 years of increases a correction is expected - do you know which country to be in?
Want to understand why the capital city? Read here:
a winning team
Super designer who joins a winning team that sets up the project - strong players with many years of experience:

Karim Rashid: The Pink Designer

A designer who is on the list of the five designers who changed the world:

5 top interior designers who have changed the world

And in the same list with no less than Michelangelo:

10 interior designers of all time who have influenced our lives

The trendiest area in Washington DC that is undergoing rapid gentrification - want to understand what this means? Enter here:

(Gentrification) Why gentrification does not always have to be a bad thing

Winning position
The project is located near the trendiest street in the capital - H Street - the Washington DC Shine chain. - With restaurants, bars, sports clubs and many young tenants - and located in the last plot of land available for construction - you will soon see in our tour what is happening in the area and the condo towers that popped up from all sides and attracted many young people until there was no room for new projects. ? Look at what happens in Israel when there are no territories - prices are flying up - and this is exactly the situation here as well:

H Street - Washington DC: From the New West to the Old East

For details on the project in Hebrew (a presentation intended for unqualified investors) - an investment of $ 100,000 or more:

Washington DC - Magenta Multi Family - A special project in the capital of the United States

Full details in English for eligible investors or American investors - register on the site as a qualified investor to view:

Washington DC - Magenta Multi Family

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