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Interview with Entrepreneur of the Week - Ben Fruchter - Real Estate Investment in the United States

Hello everyone and nice to meet you, I'm Ben Fruchter
Happy to be a guest this week at the Entrepreneur of the Week corner and share with you my knowledge and way in the real estate world.
First - would like to say a huge thank you to the forum moderators for the privilege of being an entrepreneur this week. And bestow on myself.

Shall we get to know each other a little?
I grew up in Beit Shemesh, with parents who immigrated from Argentina and Uruguay in the mid-80s.
I studied a bachelor's degree in economics and management, in addition I studied real estate entrepreneurship, analysis of real estate transactions in the US and trading in the capital market.
I am in a wonderful relationship with my future wife Shir (getting married at a good time after 8 years of marriage). I met Shir during my military service at the Central Command in Jerusalem.
I started my first business at the age of 17. And since then more have joined 😊
In his spare time he likes to play tennis, travel and study.
Short background
At home the parents never talked about money. Terms like "investment", "financial education", "economic freedom", "passive income", "return" simply did not exist. The attitude was to get along with the little there was and our lives were very limited. My parents are divorced, my mother worked as a kindergarten teacher. Dad is a tour guide. I am the eldest of three brothers. Restaurants and luxuries of course were not part of the routine of life and were certainly very challenging times. Bottom line - not exactly winning cards and not an ideal starting point to get out of the rat race. Or maybe this is exactly the starting point needed to motivate change. what do you think?
Why real estate?
As a teenager before military service I became interested in the financial world: investments, real estate, the capital market.
The thing that drew me to the field is looking at the financial situation in our family as a child, and out of a great desire to develop, grow and make a real and meaningful change in my life and family life.

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Entrepreneur of the week - Ben Fruchter

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