Market Overview 2019

Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio

Metro population:

2.2 m

Median Home Income:

57,000 dollars

Unemployment rate:


Median House Price:

115,000 dollars

Median monthly rent:

1,100 dollars

Located on the northern banks of the Licking and Ohio River Junction, Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio and the 65th largest city in the United States. Cincinnati was also the first major American city to be founded after the American Revolution, so it is sometimes considered a purely "American" city. It was one of Winston Churchill's favorite cities in the United States. He called it, "… the most beautiful in the inner cities of the union."

In recent years, Cincinnati has become a popular destination for new corporate headquarters and moving houses, including 10 Fortune 500 companies and 17 Fortune 1000 companies. Some of the better known companies include: Procter & Gamble, Kruger, Macy's, Ltd. And General Electric. Today, the Cincinnati metro area is recognized as one of the 25 most developing areas in the country (according to the Brookings Institution) with a gross domestic product of $ 119 billion.

Today, the Cincinnati metro area is recognized as one of the 25 most developing areas in the country (according to the Brookings Institution) with a gross domestic product of $ 119 billion.

Why invest here?

With a cost of living and housing still below the national average, Cincinnati offers great opportunities for real estate investors this year. Especially for those who are interested in investing in Real Estate Properties ™ which will generate a positive cash flow and give a strong chance for constant appreciation.

Wholesaling - Lesson 7 + 8 - How to make a business out of it and how to buy properties through wholesaling

Lessons number 7 + 8 of the holsailing track with Gal Shmukler -

How many hours of work should be spent and what to do each day?
Who are the key figures needed in the company?
How to employ and hire employees?
How to retain good employees?
How to take the initiative and develop the business?

What are the types of assets that can be reached through wholesaling?
What options do we have for each type of transaction?
How do you buy a deal with a minimum of equity?
Can Israelis Buy Properties in the United States?
How do you build a portfolio and manage it?
Interview with a property manager and contractor in the US who will give highlights for building a portfolio!

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Wholesaling - Lesson 6 - How to Find Buyers?

Lesson No. 6 of the Wholesaling Track with Gal Schmuckler -

Sixth session - how to handle contracts + an interview with Teitel Company

Purchase contract for seller
Buyer Assignment Contract
How can we not miss the deal?
Common Mistakes
How can contracts serve us?
An interview with the owner of a large Teitel Company that will give emphasis to work for wholesalers

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The Transaction Stage Rises - A Unique Technology System Developed Over a Year and We Register

Known primarily for its annual balloon fiesta and as part of AMC's performance show "Breaking Bad," Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a metropolitan area rich in culture and naturally beautiful. Albuquerque is also one of the largest cities in the southwest of the city, with a diverse population and some of the leading high-tech research enterprises in the country, including National Sandia Laboratories, Intel and the University of New Mexico. At the same time, its cultural traditions continue to be an integral part of daily life in the city. With one foot in the past, one foot in the present and two eyes for the future, Albuquerque is a fascinating place to visit and an even better place to call home. (Source: (

Is there already a strategy session? Visit the investors portal

Is there already a strategy session? Visit the investor portal

Lior Lustig

Lior Lustig CEO - Overseas Investors Forum

Lior Lustig is an experienced real estate investor who has been active in the field in Israel and the United States since 2007. Lior has extensive experience in purchasing and managing single and multi-family properties.
Lior currently manages the Real Estate Investors Forum, which owns a brand and interest in the real estate field, the Facebook group and the "Real Estate Forum in the United States" website. Lior is versatile in a wide variety of investment markets in the United States and provides solutions to investors through the company.