Market Review

Orlando, Florida

Metro population:

3.3 million

Median Home Income:

42,418 dollars

Unemployment rate:


Median house prices:

156,117 dollars

Median monthly rent:

1,304 dollars

Orlando Real Estate Market Overview

Orlando is the fourth largest city in the state of Florida and the 73rd largest city in the United States. The city is located in the “Sun Belt” area of ​​Florida, this city is known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and even more so for the world famous parks, amusements and attractions.

With a population of 3.3 million in the total metropolis, the Orlando real estate market is driven by job seekers, Baby Boomers retirees, and students who want to live in a “cheap and cheerful” area that offers high-quality, affordable housing. For investors looking to invest in real estate, these are excellent signs that this is the place to invest.

This area has so far yielded impressive results for real estate investors and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. To date, property prices have risen, appraisal rates have been steadily rising and the cost of living remains below the national average.

Other reasons to love Orlando:

  • Forbes reports that 72 million visitors visit the Orlando area each year, making it the most visited tourist destination in the state.
  • Rents have grown by 7.5% in the last 12 months, which is higher than the national and state levels.
  • The Orlando population has grown by 52% since 2000 and is expected to grow by a further 5.3% in the coming year, which means that the demand for housing is steadily increasing.
  • Amazon has brought 4,000 jobs to Central Florida, and is the current leader in job creation and population growth in the state.
  • Orlando was recently selected as the “hottest” single-family real estate market among the 50 largest metro areas in the United States (Ten-X Research Quarterly Report). According to the report, Orlando has risen to the state's Top Market - due to limited supply, rising home values, many jobs and income growth, especially in the leisure / hospitality and medical field, in the Lake Nona area where many and many medical centers see it as a valley. Florida Silicon.

Why invest here?

Orlando offers great opportunities for buying and holding real estate investments today. This is especially true for investors looking to invest in one of the country’s fastest-growing economies, while prices are still lower than pre-recession peaks.

  • "Orlando is ranked second in the largest cities in America" ​​- Forbes
  • "# 2 Best City for Future Job Growth" - Forbes
  • "One of ten great cities for 50+ home seekers" - Aarp
  • “2016 Desination: Orlando” - value
  • "The # 1 Best City for First Time Home Buyers" - Internal businessman
  • "The Best Family Vacation in the United States" - US News

Area - General Information about Orlando

Orlando (BEnglishOrlando) She The capital Orange County בFlorida Sit downUSA.

The city has about 287,442 residents (2019), When the area of ​​the greater city has about 2,509,831 inhabitants.

The city is known for the many tourist sites in its vicinity, including The resort Disney World, And theme parks Universal Orlando Resort וSeaworld.

Most of the city's economy is based on tourism, which brings hundreds of millions of dollars into the area each year. in the year 2004 About 48 million tourists came to the city. In addition, due to the proximity toCanadian Space Center, Are located in the area of ​​many aerospace industries. mature Amusement parks Many near it, Orlando is known as the "United States Amusement Park." Notable examples of this are the parks Disney WorldUniversal Studios OrlandoSeaworld וBush Gardens.

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