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Hello friends. Here Lior Lustig.

In this forum, you can consult on any topic from the US real estate field, on topics like how to open a US bank account, how to open an LLC, what areas of investment are today, an area that anyone can tell about all the successful transactions from one to the next. As well as about the fashions, analysis of specific areas together, a poll on everyone's preferred area of ​​investment, recommended sites, the best way to convert money, etc. We are all looking for investments, and we are sure that 100 minds and surgeons work better than one brain, so don't be shy to help with the experts in the forum. May we all succeed!

Facebook address:

Director & Owner: Activists: Lior Lustig
Senior content editor and moderator: Ido Neumann.

This site is the site that accompanies the most successful real estate group in the United States in the galaxy - the United States Real Estate Forum.

On this site you can advertise properties for sale and learn more about the real estate field.

In our forum you can consult on any topic in the real estate field in the US, on topics such as how to open a US bank account, how to open an LLC, what are the recommended areas for investment today, an area where anyone can tell about all the successful transactions he made from A to Z. And also on the nonsense, analysis of specific areas together,

Active managers: Lior Lustig, Liron Azrieli, Ido Neumann.

The forum management is not responsible for the use of the forum content and does not bear any responsibility for the correctness of the information. Use of the information is done at the responsibility of the user and the advertiser.

When posting to a forum, we are aware that we are waiving all copyrights on this content and will sue the forum for any use made of posted content. The Forum's management is not responsible for the use of the content of the Forum and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Information is used at the responsibility of the user and advertiser. All content in this forum is protected by copyright of the United States Real Estate Forum, and any copying of such content by a foreign party will result in the maximum penalty provided by law. Any use of such content should be made in writing by Lior Lustig Director of the United States Real Estate Forum. By posting information on the forum, you waive any copyright claim and you acknowledge that the forum's management may reuse this information in any way that is in its sole discretion and in any media.

When posting information on the Forum, you waive any copyright claim and you confirm that the forum management can reuse this information in any manner that suits you and in any media.

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Congratulations on joining the Good Real Estate Forum in the World - a forum that is a family!
Our slogan: sharing. Learn. Building a future.
People involved:
"Nednal”- to the big and terrible real estate - as long as you share posts, he bastards and takes care of you with great deals and great returns.
"The Flipper Bieber”- the mascot of the forum in our logo - the cute Bieber who likes to do flips.
"Dwarfs, giants and entrepreneursDwarfs are all those who have not yet made trades, and giants are experienced investors. Our goal in the forum is to bring together as many dwarves as possible with giants and thus help the dwarves become giants. For every three dwarfs a giant has helped, you have a guaranteed place in the real estate of Nadanel. Entrepreneurs are giants who also market properties for a living.
"Facebook address to join"
"Some basic rules"
The forum is working on an algorithm that automatically pulls out members who haven't shared a post for two months and don't respond regularly. If flying is not personal, the system also blocks you from joining back automatically. This is a forum for collaborations - if you are an entrepreneur - talk about yourself. You haven't invested yet - ask questions.
Let’s start by responding to this post with your name and some details about your journey in the real estate world.
"It is a forum without advertising and all conversations are conducted on the forum"
Do not send phone numbers and do not ask for details. You have something to consult - this must be done on the forum.
Want to advertise? For all 4 posts of value, you will post the fourth entry of the add value at the bottom of the post: name, role, company, phone, email, website. (No other contact details will be allowed).
"Prohibition of massively contacting Messenger members to create mailing lists"
If you reach out to you with messages to purchase real estate or join other groups without requesting it, please report to the forum management and the user will be blocked from the forum immediately. We also operate mechanisms for detecting such members and such activity is prohibited ..
"Real Estate Pedia"
The forum has dozens of study units in various areas that include posts in all areas of real estate - how to open a bank account in the United States, opening a company, US and Israeli taxation, renovations, inspectors, etc., plus important forum posts, real estate news, metap updates and more.
To get to Landlapedia, click on the “Units” tab, or “Units”.
"Entrepreneur of the Week ”and“ The Broadcasting Schedule"
Every week, we let a different entrepreneur host the forum - which means writing 7 posts, one per day, to post at the top of the forum. The posts are educational. If you think you have the ability to host the forum for a week, please contact us for a review and add your name to our broadcast schedule page:
"The asset scene"
This is an exclusive group that enables entrepreneurs who have passed the “Entrepreneur of the Week” route to publish quality assets on full property information.
“Entrepreneur of the Week” gets the opportunity to post 7 properties for the 7 posts he published. Then, for each property posting, a new metric entry must be posted, or post paid.
The scene of our website:
The forum organizes meetup meetings once every two months. To date, all the meetup meetings have been sold out in full to zero, and those who waited missed. The meetup reflects the forum in the field - shares from the forum members and meetings between investors and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and real estate companies or services in the field that are interested in presenting to the public are welcome to contact us. For details and tickets:
"Our website"
Includes study information from the forum and the possibility of creating a business profile for entrepreneurs who collaborate with the forum - meaning a business profile with us on the site for a business profile on the forum at the developer site or alternatively a paid business profile. Welcome to contact us for details.
"Real Estate Events Calendar"
Want to stay up to date on all the real estate events - meetings, lectures, webinars?
We give our "Entrepreneurs of the Week" the opportunity to publish quality events for free on the events calendar - in order to publish an event, you must of course register on the website and use the event addition form:
"The sports bulletin and the medal winners"
Once a week we publish the most active and active members of the forum, as well as those who have been ranked by Facebook as talk-provoking or rising stars.
The three most active players receive prizes such as discounts for the Metap meetings.
"Technical Support"
The forum has a number of chat rooms dedicated to technical support, including for entrepreneurs who advertise in the property arena, Real Estate, the Directory of Companies and Entrepreneurs, the medal winners and sports flash, and every metap. In each chat, only relevant questions should be asked about his or her topic. To access chats:
“The Entrepreneurs and Companies Guide” - Collaborations between the Forum and Real Estate Companies
Any entrepreneur or real estate company can create a profile on the forum site that includes a description of the company, a logo and a link to its website for a similar profile on the company website with a back link to the forum site, or for a fee.
The site has thousands of members a month and this is an opportunity to expose your company to the community.
Link to the directory of companies and entrepreneurs on the site:
"Subscribe to the newsletter"
The newsletter sends out weekly forum updates in a clean format to your email box. You can also fall asleep for asset updates from the "Asset Arena". To register:
"Our YouTube channel"
Includes all site videos - subscribe to the channel and click the bell to make sure you get updates every time a new video is uploaded:
"A podcast"
Includes all the interviews we conducted and original real estate related plans
"Courses of the forum's entrepreneurs and paid videos from conferences organized by the forum"
Do you have a professional course that you would like to market to forum members? Feel free to collaborate with us - we take care of all the problems that course marketers encounter - free platform, customer service in front of registrants, marketing and advertising courses for community members, secure storage of videos so they can only be seen by paid members and can not be shared, preventing one username sharing Among several members, updating the system with new functions according to community needs and more. All you have to do is take care of a quality course and answer the students' questions in a closed forum per video - passive income and Win Win for everyone. Due to the cost reduction for you, the price for forum members should be at least 20 percent less than the price of the same course you give outside the forum.
"The Fleur Beaver Products Store"
Want to financially support forum activities while enjoying top-notch products? Welcome to buy shirts, sweaters, phone covers, coffee cups, etc. with the forum logo.
“Our Facebook Page”
Among all those who will give us a lake and a 5 STAR response, every month a free ticket to Mittap and a shirt with the logo of the Flipper Beaver will be filled out. To participate, please upload a screenshot of the comment you gave to this post.
Comments on our page:
Welcome and good luck!
Site management team

So who is Lior Forum Administrator?

Lior currently runs the Facebook group "Real Estate Forum in the United States", which has over fifteen hundred members and lives in New York.

In the Israeli market, Lior has been involved in the establishment of purchasing groups, TMA 38 projects, income-producing properties, land, etc.

On the professional side, Lior is a technology and management man with an American master's degree in business administration and information systems, and is also a graduate of a large number of real estate courses.

In Israel, he managed many large technology projects for the Ministry of Defense and various start-up companies for about ten years, and moved to Manhattan in 2010 following a startup he founded in the field of e-commerce and real estate.

In addition to managing the startup, he served as a broker and mortgage advisor with a specialization in Queens and Brooklyn, in order to deepen his knowledge of the American real estate world from within and find off-market transactions.
Lior is always looking for a way to improve the real estate transactions in which he is involved with the help of his technological knowledge. Lior has experience in seeing and analyzing a real estate transaction from all directions, and examining an investment for him is a comprehensive and accurate work process that is examined in several aspects, regional, local and computational.
In the American market, Lior started as an investor and entrepreneur in the field of single family, and after understanding the limitations of the field in terms of financing and return options and the benefits of being a US resident, he began investing in larger multi-family deals of 6 to 30 housing units After receiving inquiries from the forum members he runs and other investors who understood the American financing benefits that Lior can receive (interest rates and attractive terms), and the potential for high return and future improvement in investments that Lior is involved in without sacrificing the quality of the investment area.

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Meet our team

[/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row] [vc_row] [vc_column width = "1/4 ″] [vc_column_text]Liat Michaelovitz

Liat Michalowicz
Senior member of the forum

[/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [vc_column width = "1/4 ″] [vc_column_text]Albert Haddad

Albert Haddad
A content writer and senior writer on the forum

[/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [vc_column width = "1/4 ″] [vc_column_text]Ido Neumann

Ido Neumann
Senior editor in the forum

[/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [vc_column width = "1/4 ″] [vc_column_text]

Lior Lustig

Lior Lustig
Chief manager and owner

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United States Real Estate Forum

Share, learn, build a future

The number one real estate forum in the country

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Get the Asset Scene !!!! - The exclusive arena where you can find great properties directly from the developer at excellent prices and full analysis !!!

Dear Friends.

The forum makes another step to bring giants and giants together in giant strides!

After many requests we decided to respond to your request and open a special and different property scene - and why is it special and different you ask ???

In this arena can advertise properties only entrepreneurs this week!

In addition, all assets in this arena are in a uniform format that includes area analysis, comparative analysis, full information about the property and full interaction with the developer of questions and answers.

This ensures that only excellent properties with full analysis and competitive advantage in terms of price and quality will be posted in the arena!

And why only entrepreneurs this week can advertise properties you ask? Great question!

The first thing that comes to them!

These guys worked hard to host you for a whole week, sweating with a writing barrier and getting water out of the rock to make you interesting and engaging in our forum and to become a number one numbered oni itzi ban on the planet of real estate!

The forum will always cherish those who bring us love! Whether it's discounted metaphors, special access to different and exclusive areas, etc. - it's always worth being active!

Beyond that - how much fun is it to come and buy property from someone we already know? There is a lot of talk in the forum about the difficulty of acquiring a venture we do not know, so what better way to get acquainted than with an entrepreneur who entertained us with the best of reasons for a whole week and got to know him personally?

So right now we are allowing everyone who was the entrepreneur this week in the past, everyone who initiated this week in the present as well… ..Tododum Tododum! Everyone who will be staring at this week's entrepreneur in the future too!

So if you pledge to the community to host the forum for a week and you are embedded in our broadcast schedule… .you can get a summons to our exclusive property arena and post your assets!

You can sign up for the "Entrepreneur of the Week" program by writing your name in the comments In the post of the broadcasting schedule

This arena is not open to everyone for purchase - and why? We want only the top among you to take precedence in purchasing these excellent properties!

And who of you can benefit from the acquisition of these acclaimed properties?

Then anyone who contributed to the forum in one of the following ways can receive a summons:

1. Be an "Entrepreneur of the Week"

2. He appeared to one of our matafim

Invitation to Metaph:


3. He was given ranks of conversation alarms, a rising star, provoking the dead, blowing winds, and collapsing walls.

4. Let us like Lake + 5 Stars to our page here:


And send a screenshot as proof. (By the way it also entitles 20 to a percentage discount to our matap)

4. Won one of the first places in our sports flash

5. Wrote a post that reached the top 10 rankings in terms of interest and responses to the sports flash

6. Attach at least 20 new members to the forum and submit proof

7. Active user that we see beyond doubt contributing in posts and comments to the forum - of course the decision on this is individual so feel free to contact us and tell you right away if this is the case for us, the real estate agent is watching each and every one of you from above and remember every comment and post you upload!

Good luck to everyone !!!

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Hello Friends - Below is the schedule or more correctly The dates for our hospitality program for entrepreneurs and investors - “Entrepreneur of the Week” - Every week we give the stage to an entrepreneur or investor to hear about his interesting investments - this could be an interesting deal made, a regional analysis, a success story Or even failure, and everything else you think will interest members of the forum - from everything we learn.

Your main post will be pinned up during the entire week to maximum exposure.

The goal is primarily educational

We would appreciate if you can follow these rules:

You are invited to mention your name and company name. Please without external links so that it does not look like a bulletin board. Goal Create a value for the group.

We encourage of course that all discussions will be on the forum for the benefit of the group, but of course with your exposure as entrepreneurs / investors, friends who want to invest you will always be able to contact you in detail for guidance / advice / purchase.

You can choose one of the following options to post the post:

1. An interesting deal you have for sale includes surgery


2. A very successful deal initiated by an investor.

A. Opportunity detection: macro market analysis, micro market analysis, parameters taken into account

B. Negotiations carried out

third. The tests performed for the transaction and the asset

D. Purchase and sale price

God. Anything else interesting about the deal

3. A deal that came out not as you thought:

A. When did you understand that something had gone wrong?

B. The steps you tried to fix the problem and the results of the patch

third. What happened at the end - You raised your hands to reduce losses or there was a surprising ending

D. Anything else interesting about the deal

I want to remind entrepreneurs / investors - you can post a number of posts during the week. You're in focus. Everyone wants to hear from you and your experience. Feel free as at home because this forum is the home of all of us and this week you are the hosts.

Forum Members - You are more than welcome to ask questions below about what to post, how to post, etc. so everyone can get ideas.

Even if you have only bought one property or have been analyzing a region for six months and are really close to buying - these are interesting stories too - many investors are in your position and will be happy to hear and consult - perhaps the experts or experienced in the forum can help you with your dilemmas to make the leap into buying the long-awaited asset, And maybe you can connect with someone who is in a similar situation and move forward together. Exposure will help it happen!

Below is a list of our entrepreneurs / investors for the next six months:

December 2018:

1. Shai Bar - 12/1 (who did and is doing an excellent job and gives an example to all of us what it is like to be an entrepreneur this week)

2. Yair Yunji - 12/8

4. Bracha Light - 12 / 15

3. Or Stern Noel - 12/22

2. Matan Hirschhorn - 12/29

January 2019:

1. Daniel Dahan - 1/5

2. Orr Kichin - 1/12

3. Michael Zalkind - 1 / 19

4. Tal Abraham - 1/26

February 2019:

1. Dasi Leibel - 2/2 (which by the way goes to give birth every moment so wish her a light birth)

2. Yosi Bet-Yosef - 2/9

3. Gilad Oz - 2/16

4. Yariv Golan - 2 / 23


1. Dani Beit-Or - 3/2

2. Yuval Bartal - 3/9

3. Black Lion - 3 / 12

4. Omri Shcteman - 3/23

5. Liron Azriel - 3/30


1. Lior Salim - 4/6 - Waiting for final approval

2. Omri Shctemanman - 4 / 13 - waiting for final approval

3. Nadia Michelov Law - 4/20

With Bentzi Zavit

4. Eyal van Moppes s - 4/27 - awaiting final approval


1. Rowing Amsterdam - 5/4

2. Chanan Landau - 5/11

3. Albert Hadad - 5/18

4. Ami Turjeman - 5/25

June 2019:

1. Eyal Paz - 1 / 6

2. 6 / 8 - Ron Moses

3. 6/15 - Meyrav Regev

4. 6/22 - Anat Segal

5. 6 / 29 - Available

If you are interested to be investors or entrepreneurs this week take your place down. we would be very happy! Hear from you.

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עכשיו Join now the best and highest quality real estate forum in the country…

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