In this process you are not alone!

You will receive our personal support, assistance and guidance throughout the course including building your personal investment plan.

Escort and personal support!

We offer you proper guidance and guidance that will support and help you fulfill your dream and avoid surprises and distress. We will provide you with the knowledge, tools and ways of operation that will lead you to conduct and manage real estate transactions in the United States without having to go there physically.


Because dreams are often accompanied by fears and fears that it is complicated, complex, and dangerous and then they tend to postpone the decision and tread on the spot.

About Us

Financial Agenda was established in 2012 and provides the most advanced and up-to-date range of tools and knowledge regarding financial management in general and real estate investments in particular.

In recent years, we have created a community of hundreds of people that allows everyone to uncover and share knowledge, practical tools, raise capital, investors and strategic partners and hot deals from the field!

We helped our students generate income of hundreds of thousands of shekels a year from real estate and take care of their financial future. The content and knowledge we have acquired is transmitted in a number of colleges in the country and in a number of different channels.

We founded the college against the background of social protest and the cost of living in Israel and the desire to make a real change that comes from taking personal responsibility and exposing as many people as possible to the knowledge and financial tools that make a difference for people.

The leading and professional course that will give you the practical tools to buy real estate in the US easily and simply! (with a remote control!)

Almost every one of us has a dream to invest in the most attractive market in the world - the real estate market in the US -
And make a lot of money from the return and the betterment but very little is taking the small step to jump
Water and start swimming (and enjoy significantly lower property prices from Israel and double yield

US Real Estate Course - Exit Real Estate Under the Radar

Lesson 1: An introduction to the US real estate market

1. Overview of the US Real Estate Market (Advantages and Disadvantages)
2. Checking macroeconomic data (demand levels, wage levels, positive migration, etc.)

Lesson 3: Knowledge of proper bureaucratic conduct

1. Establishment of LLC and work with "Teitel" (third party trustee)
2. Opening an American bank account (even for non-citizens)
3. Proper registration process and asset ownership
4. Asset management and ongoing management

Lesson 5: Transaction analysis (ARV

Calculate property value before renovation and after renovation
2. Technical Comparison of COMPS Market Cap
3. Calculate improvement costs

Lesson 7: Property Renovation

1. What is important to remodel is not what matters
2. What are the precious things that might be a deal breaker in the deal
3. How to choose contractors in a smart way
4. Calculate improvement costs

Lesson 2: Market Selection and Analysis

1. Advanced Market Research Tools (Top Sites and Critical Investment Information)
2. Finding an investment area with potential for improvement and value increase

Lesson 4: Build a custom business plan

1. Build a work plan step by step
) 2. Understanding the different avenues for investing (Exit, Yield, Holsler,

Lesson 6: Locating transactions and managing professionals in the field

1. How to manage the overseas professionals in the remote control (Realtor, Advocate, Inspector, Renovator and so on)
2. What are the important things you must know so as not to be surprised after the purchase

Lesson 8: Selling Property

1. How to make your property look the most attractive
2. Costs associated with selling the property (taxation brokerage, etc.)
3. Methods and ways to reduce shelf-time in sales
4. Summary

Web tutorials

In addition, we will set up a webinar - hit the expert, where you will be able to ask questions and get motivated to push you to do it.

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Get access to our official Facebook group, where you can find information, partners, answer all your questions, the purpose of the group is to share knowledge, transactions and connect investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, in short, everything you need to succeed.

About Us:

Ronnie Platnik

Ben 35 from the center area
Founder and partner at Agenda College,
Lecturer and expert in real estate investment and transaction locating, accompanies investors and students and has 10 years of experience in the investment world

Eliran Thor

Ben 34 from the center area
Founder and Partner at Agenda College,
Real Estate Marketing and Project Entrepreneur, US Real Estate Investment Specialist,
Lecturer and mentor investing in real estate investments

What are you going to get at a real estate investment conference?

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Financial Agenda - Real Estate Course

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Yes! You can do it yourself, make real estate exit deals yourself. But there is a big but, most people will take at least 2-3 years to learn and get to know the rules and ways in which you can find good deals and finance them and that's not all most people who start trying to get the "big hit" in the market and make a lot of money. In real estate like most things in life you have to do in stages and not jump from the first step to the tenth step in one go, because that is exactly where the risk comes and one mistake is enough to take you back a very long time.

If you've read up here and you think you understand that small percentage of people who are capable of doing it themselves then we have nothing left but to wish you good luck and you can close this page.

But for those who understand the importance of the learning and practice process, you are welcome to click the button and join us for training that is not only a theory but a real practice from the field! And based on the successes of those who did and do it.

The beauty of our training is that we have a method, a method that results in results!

And you can't fail if you work by the method, all you have to do is work through the steps and just act, your only way to fail without fail and our training is to make sure you do!

All you need is to take action, go through the steps in the process and come up with an open mind and readiness to learn, that's all!

What is amazing is that in one transaction you will return all your financial investment on training more and more.

And the strongest thing is that you have a responsibility so you really can't fail.

If you register and within 14 day you decide for any reason that it is not for you, you will receive a full refund, without any unnecessary questions.

We are going to teach you how to manage and invest your money in a wise and proper way, all the things about money and management that are not taught to us in school (and anywhere else).

The beauty of real estate is that you can also make a lot of money in it, but in any situation you will also want to know how to invest your money in it and generate passive income and real financial freedom for yourself!

The beauty of real estate in general and our training in particular is that age does not matter! 

We have students of all ages and of all genders, religions and communities.

You can be 18 years old and start investing in real estate and you can also be 65 years old.

So if you think you're too old, the well-known sentence is better than never, isn't it? 

And if you think you're too young then think about it this way, who are the people who started at a very young age? (Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates) 

Part of me wants to tell you yes, but it won't be Pierre and I for all those people who joined the training and paid the full price.

I can only tell you what I did when I was in the same situation…

I told myself how do I worry that this situation will never happen to me again?

So I opened a small savings account and put into it all the expenses I thought I could give up on my day, the expense of more beer at the exit and the cigarettes (which I stopped smoking) and the small luxuries of a garment here and a meal there and everything so I could fund that "opportunity project" That I choose for myself (every time I find a new project).

That's what I did and right I was able to then enroll in the course and enter the real estate world and since then the rest is history.

So we made sure you had the option of convenient payment deployment that would allow you to enter our training right now without having to postpone and wait for tomorrow, 

"Your future is determined by what you do here and now, not tomorrow!" I put this sentence to myself well well in my head and since? 

Since then I do not reject things that are important to me and my future and what does not matter sometimes I do and sometimes not, because that's how it is in life in general and in real estate in particular, focus!