Cleveland, Ohio

Metro population:

2.1 M

Median Home Income:


Unemployment rate:


Median House Price:


Median monthly rent:


Cleveland Real Estate Market Overview

Cleveland, Ohio is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, about 60 miles west of the Pennsylvania border. Downtown Cleveland has experienced a renaissance over the past five years, with an estimated $ 19 billion in development completed or planned since 2010. Occupancy rates are at an astonishing 98% and home sales are up 12% year after year.

A Few More Reasons To Love Cleveland:

  • Fastest growing healthcare economy in US (and home to world renowned Cleveland Clinic)
  • Nation's first Global Center for Health and Innovation as well as a new medical convention center
  • 10 Fortune 500 company headquarters, including: Goodyear Tire, Cliffs, Natural Resources, FirstEnergy, Sherwin Williams, Eaton Corporation, Travel Centers of America, Aleris, Parker Hannifin, Progressive Insurance, and KeyCorp
  • Has the 2nd largest live theater district in the US, second only to New York City
  • Home to three major sports teams that bring billions of dollars to the area every year
  • It's easy to buy B neighborhood properties for as low as $ 70,000 and turn that into $ 800 a month; Properties remain well below mid-2000 prices in most areas

Why invest here?

Cleveland also offers great opportunities for investors, especially for those looking for an affordable investment, solid monthly cash flow, and consistent equity growth, without too much risk.
  • “# 1 City to Buy Home for Best Rental Return” - CNBC
  • “# 4 City Where Your Paycheck Will Go the Furthest” - Forbes
  • “# 10 Best City for First Time Home Buyers” - Business Insider
  • Cleveland Real Estate Market Trends Movoto
  • “Ohio Best State for Start-Up” - Forbes
  • “Relocating to Cleveland Guide” - The Schuman Team
  • “# 84 Best Place to Live” - US News

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