The study package for real estate transactions in the USA
The most affordable!

Online study and mentoring program, personally guided by professional mentors
And experienced, who will give you all the tools, knowledge and help in order
Fulfill your real estate aspirations and dreams.
Special Offer!
For a two-month study program:
5 students receiving full escort
Mentors with actual experience of dozens of transactions
16 full escort hours
Up-to-date study material and live examples from the field
Participation in live discussions with personal guidance
Closed support group for answering questions, problems and more
Plus an option for getting any
The following package plus
Subscription to recordings
Subscription to recordings of live sessions + access to recordings
Of all mentors of all times and in all fields -
Income-producing real estate, flips, financing, multi-family, AirBnb and more.
A subscription that can not be bought anywhere else
Save for new subscribers to the MentorMaid program only
The value of the subscription 12,000
(2400 Double 5 lecturers for three months)
Our official real estate course as a gift
Over 70 recordings in 20 areas
And access to a closed study group for course members
For lifetime !
Course value 2626
($ 750 for three months)
Study subscription on the site
Which includes a database of real estate files of over 500 files, interviews with
Real estate experts, our recorded lectures from forum meetings and more
The value of the subscription 315
($ 90 for three months)
why U.S
Personal treatment - each participant receives attention, answers to questions and guidance according to aspirations
And his needs. No more full classes or anonymous screens.
Professional and experienced mentors - Our team of mentors includes some of the great experts
In the field of American real estate, with experience and knowledge from the field, with proven successes and a patient learning approach
Results in the field - we accompany you through all stages of the process, until the closing of the real estate transaction
Real according to your aspirations. Advice, guidance and tips.
Reasonable and convenient prices, with a fee for the fee.
Our winning team

Nir Sheiban

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Together with his wife Alexa - believe it or not she is a building contractor, Nir Scheinbain has set up an empire of flips in Texas, and everyone who follows them ... sees that these guys are not resting for a moment! Let's learn from Nir how to make a flip from home

Danny Beit Or

Read more
Danny Beit Or is a real estate investment expert, lecturer and mentor. Danny is currently considered a leader in residential real estate investments. For the past 16 years Danny has been a freelance real estate investor and mentored by real estate investors from around the world

Eliran Zohar

Read more
Eliran Zohar is a real estate entrepreneur and expert - airbnb. With about a decade of experience behind him, Eliran is waiting to teach you how to triple your income through short-term rentals. All the tools, secrets and tips - from the basics to the top.

Tal Levy

Read more
Tal Levy is a husband, father of three and holds a master's degree in health sciences from Ben-Gurion University, a professional certificate in real estate finance from New York University (NYU) and 13 years of experience in the field of real estate as a broker and investor in the United States.

Lior Lustig

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Has three degrees and over 20 years of experience in the field of technology and real estate. Owner and director of a real estate company and interest - operator of the successful United States Real Estate Forum that provides real estate services in the field of courses, mentoring, financing, transaction analysis and investment.

Roy ever

Read more
Roi Maudi is a multi-family investment expert and owner of a large number of residential and commercial real estate complexes. Roi has served as a well-known and respected mentor in the major and well-known schools in Israel.

Kitchen Light

Read more
Or has studied in depth everything related to American real estate and dived into the Indianapolis market as early as 2015. Or has made dozens of real estate transactions, including a number of income-producing properties for it and especially for investors who have purchased long-term investment properties and flip transactions through it.

Yaniv Berliner

Read more
Yaniv has been lending investors to single-family deals in Cleveland for many years. Yaniv is a senior lecturer at the University of Real Estate and has extensive experience in studying for those without experience in the field. He will accompany you personally through all stages of the process.

Elia Flex

Read more
Ilya Champion in transaction analysis. Recently completes a transaction of leveraging 14 properties, which he acquired in a short time and without financing. Elia makes real estate investments while he and his wife travel around the world, believing that our time is too precious to sell it for money.
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