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Welcome to the United States Real Estate Investment Forum.
On this site you can discuss issues related to the field, post deals and properties for sale and learn more about the real estate field.
In our forum you can consult on any topic in the real estate field in the US, on topics such as how to open a US bank account, how to open an LLC, what are the recommended areas for investment today, an area where anyone can tell about all the successful transactions he made from A to Z. And also on the nonsense, analysis of specific areas together.

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The Real Estate Experts panel includes interviews with the forum's real estate experts!

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Foreign investors financing

In our financing network there are hundreds of banks that will compete for your loan, and we will accompany you through the process!

Real Estate Files Database

Database of hundreds of real estate files - Mortgage, Flip, BRRRR, Wholesaling, Rental Yield and more.

Discussion groups on 50 countries

In our discussion groups you can discuss real estate transactions in the 50 countries in the USA, publish transactions, etc.


Real Estate Company helps investors in the entire basket of services to enable you to make a safe investment in real estate - learning Kabbalah calculators on Facebook and the site, registering for leading courses at a special discount, subscribing to the site (allows you access to a comprehensive real estate university, real estate files for analysis Transactions, calculators, an arena of transactions that is automatically updated from thousands of sites around the Internet and more), opening a bank or company account without the need for a flight, educational podcast, meetings with the community, guide of real estate companies with recommended companies, discounts on fees with selected developers, event log Real estate, a social network for investors, renovated properties that come with a tenant and an American management company, discounts from accountants and lawyers, discounts at Home Depot for renovation, the best mortgage experts and banks that allow financing for foreign investors and more.

Guide to Real Estate Companies Includes information on dozens of real estate companies operating in the United States and can be found on the website and Facebook group. Forum members record their impressions and recommendations for each company. 

Platinum companies are companies recommended by real estate and for that matter - companies that we know personally. These companies can be viewed in the membership directory and their logo can be found at the bottom of this page in the Collaborations area.

The site's content is automatically translated in a high-level natural translation into dozens of different sites - English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, French, German, Indian, Italian, Portuguese and more. 

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  1. Joining the community - On the website and Facebook there is a community of thousands of investors and real estate entrepreneurs who will be happy to answer any question for you at no cost.
  2. Read thousands of articles and site posts open to everyone
  3. Submit a question bOur real estate forum on the site או Facebook
  4. Join our excellent Real Smart study subscription Including a real estate encyclopedia, a huge database of real estate files, educational videos and an educational podcast, an automated transaction arena and more.
  5. Choosing a premium course at a discount And a special benefit to the site members from the top companies

A real estate company and interest is located in the United States and is affiliated with the major real estate companies in the United States. In the US, it is common for investors to buy assets that are defined as turnkey assets. The advantage of these properties is that they come renovated, with a paying tenant, a payment history and the company that markets the properties also manages them, so this company has all the internet to keep the property in good condition, a sought after area and a permanent lease.

We work with Turnkey companies in all US hot markets, so you can choose where you want to invest.

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Our US business partners and Turnkey Asset Management companies have joined the list of 5000 Growth Companies in America Inc. for the third year running!

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We donate 10% of all earnings accrued through real estate transactions and website subscriptions.