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New for Israeli investors

Escort program Unique Of Real Forum"United States of America that will lead you personally,
Hand in hand to achieve your goals that we will set for you, together with you

You wanted to generate passive income but were afraid, and rightly so, to enter an unfamiliar foreign area?

Have you signed up for expensive courses and study programs?

All the courses you did were for theory only?

Have you purchased a property first and encountered problems?

Today more and more investors are choosing the safe path of investing along with a professional and skilled personal mentor.

A mentor on our behalf will guide and accompany you so that the business you have chosen will take off and produce the profitability you expected to receive.

Everything you wanted to know about American real estate:
We will learn that from you, and more

Not just a theory:

Not just a theory: we will accompany you until the goal is achieved

Competitive price: only 3400 NIS per track!
Our team will be at your disposal for an equal price for every pocket

Problems with tenants or with authorities:

We will guide you on solutions and prevention methods

Because our new escort program will allay all your concerns as new investors in American real estate, responsibly!

Because this is how you will create your first breakthrough that will lead you to financial independence

First subscribers will receive instructional videos from us as a gift, at no cost, so what are you waiting for?

On our revolutionary plan

We at the United States Real Estate Forum have set ourselves the goal of training successful real estate investors instead of filling classrooms. We therefore decided to build a training program with a focus on providing personal treatment, because only such a program according to all the assessments we conducted, will lead to the success of the participants.

In order to be able to give personal treatment to each learner, we limited the number of participants to only five. Learning is done online and takes place during the week in this intimate group.

A professional and experienced mentor guides the group all the way from the beginning of the study until you reach the goal you have set for yourself. Closing a first transaction of each and every one of the participants in the program. You can choose the right mentor according to your goals and your level of knowledge. Most mentors do not require prior knowledge in the field. Our mentors are experienced enough to accompany even the inexperienced among you, up to locating, analyzing and closing deals. If you already have knowledge in the field, you can choose mentors who specialize in specific topics, for example flips, multi-family, AirBNB, etc. 

Throughout the process, you will receive a comprehensive response and assistance, as well as throughout the course of the real estate transaction you make. This purchase plan will move you toward the long-awaited economic freedom.

Added value we examined and found to exist in small learning groups: The small number of people in a group often leads to close friendships and partnerships even after the online meetings are over, which also directly contributes to the business development of each and every one in the field. So your success is guaranteed!

What do you get in the program

  • A series of 4 basic sessions + 4 advanced sessions (registration for each session separately or by purchasing 8 sessions at a discounted price in advance).
  • Personal accompaniment in a real estate transaction with a close mentor for an unlimited time (monthly online accompaniment at a discounted price with the mentor you have chosen, after the end of the series of meetings).

The structure of the lesson

Each session will last two hours, and will include:

    • Learning a new material (half an hour).
    • Questions and answers about the material studied (half an hour).
    • Bringing live examples from the field accompanied by photos and videos, from the mentor's personal experience (half an hour).
    • Checking each participant's personal progress and assigning tasks to the next session (half an hour).
    • The structure of the lessons will be adapted to the unique curriculum of each mentor.

To choose the right mentor for you, you are welcome to visit the following places:

    • In the dedicated mentor pages on the site.
    • Coordinating a consultation call with us on the forum's website under the meeting schedule. 

In these pages we have listed for your convenience the professional background of each mentor and the curriculum offered by the mentor

Access to the mentors' pages

We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions for you:

Would you like to receive more explanations from the mentor after the meeting?

In our real estate forum, great importance is attached to group interaction, so our meetings are limited to a small number of participants.

We believe that the best way to learn is to share as much knowledge as possible.

Group answering questions is an essential part of the learning process and the dynamics that are created between students. Therefore, any question or clarification that you would like to receive from the mentor regarding any topic, you can refer to during the meeting, or in the forum provided for this on the website. Please do not use other means such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Email and so on.

Did you miss a meeting?

Not bad, as long as you are registered in the program you will have access to recordings of all the meetings that took place.

Watch the recording, catch up on his mission and arrive at the next meeting ready.

As mentioned, you can also use the dedicated forum on the site for this purpose.

Is there a change or cancellation of the meeting date?

You will receive an email notification of any change in the meeting date.

In addition, you can easily update the meeting calendar on the forum website and ask questions about the date of the meetings in the dedicated forum on the site.

For technical support and questions about the program, contact us at the following ways:

Sending a message on the mentor page by filling out the referral form

Send a message in the chat on the site by clicking the chat button

Post a message on our Facebook page

How to begin

Introductory meeting

Before each cycle we hold a free introductory meeting open to everyone.

In this session, the mentor will explain the unique plan he has built and answer any technical questions regarding the operation of the system.

During the session the mentor will select the most appropriate participants in his opinion, based on group dynamics, commitment to success, common goals and more. The first five participants who are found suitable will participate in the next round.

Registration for the cycle and payment will be made at the end of the introductory meeting. Each participant will then receive exclusive entry permissions for the series of sessions to which he or she has been selected.

MentorMind nuclear track

Five students who receive the full accompaniment - camera sharing, microphone, progress tracking and the full bonus package

Lite Mentoring track

The Real Estate Forum has decided to transfer information in the field to a wider audience by opening another track that will be conducted as follows:
  • The number of participants in this track is limited to twenty and they serve as an audience.
  • Their microphone is off.
  • They can just watch the process and send messages and questions with the mentor’s approval.
  • The mentor chooses the appropriate time to answer questions asked by this audience.

For your convenience, get a detailed breakdown of our two routes

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In addition, participants in the MentorMind track will enjoy exclusive bonuses

  • An exclusive sales arena just for you.
  • Free access to all the lectures from all the conferences we have ever held.
  • An organized tour of the mentor's work area to experience the experience up close.
  • Free weekly counseling in the forum especially for you, as long as you participate in the mentoring process.
  • Free weekly counseling in the forum especially for you, as long as you participate in the mentoring process.

Membership in the Extreme Mentoring track

Apprentices in the cycle - 5

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Our mentors

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Information on all the hottest countries and cities in the United States today for investment, including regional information, employers, etc.

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The mentors in action

Real Smart subscription is a gift for the entire mentoring period

What is a Real Smart subscription?

  1. Real Estate Napadia - The real estate encyclopedia that includes hundreds of entries.
  2. Over 500 real estate files - Excel for calculation, files for starting a company, presentations and more.
  3. Online calculators for calculating return, BRRR and more.
  4. Dozens of educational videos and access to interviews of a panel of real estate experts!
  5. The investment arena that enables asset advertising and automatically locates assets from across the Internet.
  6. All content is translated into more than 12 languages ​​- Russian, Arabic, Chinese and more.

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