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The University of Real Estate takes you step by step on the road to economic security by generating a steady income from properties in the United States within 60 days.

Are you tired of being hung up on work from 8am to 17pm every day? Looking to generate passive income? You have come to the right place.

Whether you have equity or not, you can learn how to generate income from the real estate field with the help of the unique course of study of the University of Real Estate.

We assume that if you come here, you understand that from a paid job you will not be able to go out for financial freedom, but will only make your employer richer and freer.

The main downside is that you sell your daytime hours for a fee, and your daytime hours are limited.

The legendary investor Warren Buffett said that if you fail to produce a threshold while you sleep, you will never get rich.

So how about firing the boss and going into financial freedom? It happened to me, and it will happen to you too.





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The best way to get to a point where your income is sufficient for your livelihood and you no longer need a salary is by accumulating real estate assets that produce you a fixed monthly rent.

The advantage of real estate properties over other investments is great - first of all the English word for real estate is Real Estate - meaning a real and tangible property. Those of you who have experienced a fall in stock markets such as the March 2000 dot-com bubble understand that investing in securities can evaporate as if it were nothing. It is also a pity for someone who invested in the peak of the real estate bubble in 2006, and has maintained his assets to this day, not only has the price of assets returned but even significantly exceeded its value compared to the value in the previous bubble - meaning as long as the asset is real and you , Over time your value will only increase because as said - land is one of the things that can not be produced - there is a finite amount of land and the world population has only increased, so the demand for housing will only increase - people will always need a place to live, in 30 years and another 100 sleep.

So in fact once we have reached a point where our income from rental property is sufficient for our livelihood, we can sever the umbilical cord that is connected to our boss andBe free, And during this time focus on real estate - managing my existing assets and increasing my investment portfolio.

So as said, even on the highest mountain you start with one small step, we are here to teach you how to start buying your first property that generates a positive cash flow - after you learn to do so on the first property, you can replicate the method to multiple properties.

So what is important to know in order to purchase your first property?

The most important thing is to make a good and successful first transaction, because a successful transaction will spur you to make additional transactions, a failed first transaction in which you will lose money, cause beyond financial pain, a sense of failure and unwillingness to make additional investments - so it is important to know how to do it right.

Beyond that you will learn how critical it is to choose the right investment area in the United States - the United States is made up of 50 states, each with dozens of cities and thousands of neighborhoods, and each neighborhood is made up of different blocks, and in many cases, Heaven and earth can be different when one property is in an excellent area suitable for investment, and the other property in a crime area, with poor schools, negative immigration, etc. - so it is important to learn what parameters are important for us to look at before purchasing and know which property is best for us to purchase .

Beyond that it is important to know what the condition of the property is and how to check that you, how we create a local team in the field, how much the renovation of the property will cost, what will be the tax on the purchase and how much will I have left profit (or loss) in monthly cash flow.

The University of Real Estate invites you to learn from the best - field people who are physically in the United States and make day-to-day transactions - we do not teach you remotely but we are all here in the United States and live the market, aware of all its daily changes Feast - Our mentors teach you what is right Today To do, and not true to what was two or three years ago in which an online course that was no longer relevant was recorded.

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The study tracks

So what is included as part of the Mentormind Plus package?

Take A Step Towards Reaching Your Goals

A Real Smart subscription is a subscription that integrates great with your curriculum - so what does it include?




Real estate encyclopedia

For over 7 years, every week a weekly entrepreneur who teaches the real estate community on our website and Facebook forum. This is 365 days double 7 years = about 2500 articles. We selected the 1000 most successful in each field, edited, added photos, cataloged categories And tags - and here is the comprehensive real estate encyclopedia in Israel! Value - Priceless!

Real estate files

Need contracts with tenants? there is! Do I need a return or renovation? There are about 600 real estate files, each costing between $ 50 and $ 250 - the value of the package: about $ 86,550! (On average $ 150 per file)

Expert arena

For every real estate developer who came up on the forum, we opened a special support group on the site - the result: hundreds of experts who are available to answer it. Join the appropriate group, and start asking questions - beat the expert! Value - Priceless!

Property Arena - 2nd hand!

For each hot area in the United States we have opened a separate group website - you can ask questions about the area and also offer deals for sale and of course view the deals offered. Value - Priceless!

Interviews with real estate experts

We took the best real estate experts in their field in different areas of the United States, and Lior Lustig interviewed them in depth - how they came to be real estate developers, their first deals, the mistakes they made along the way and how to learn from these mistakes, and comprehensive information about their work area - So you can get to know these areas in depth - Fidelity, Texas, New York, Florida, Milwaukee and more. Cost of each lecture package per year: $ 60. Total value over $ 500 for all lectures.

Dozens of expert recordings from our annual Real Estate Expo conferences

Every year Real Estate and the matter produces an invested annual conference that includes dozens of top lecturers in all areas of real estate - purchase for holding, flips, lawyers, accountants, money transfers, taxation, multi-family, new construction, warehouses, zoning, hallsailing and more. For each conference we brought a professional photographer who filmed all the lectures and then we did a professional editing for each lecture. All of these lectures are available to you as part of a Real Smart subscription. Cost of each lecture package per year: $ 60. Total value over $ 500 for all lectures.

What else is included in the Mentormind Plus package?

Real Estate Course Comprehensive Most for real estate studies in the United States

Included as part of the Mentormind Plus package

The Best Real Estate Course MONEY CAN BUY

The Internet Real Estate Comprehensive Real Estate Course in the United States was born from a collaboration between Lior Lustig, Yaniv Berliner and Or Kitchin.

The course provides extensive, basic and advanced knowledge of the entire subject of real estate in the United States.

The course is for anyone who wants to get into the field and wants to avoid mistakes that will cost them a lot of money and anger.

Yaniv and Or convey their extensive knowledge that they have accumulated over the past five years from making real estate transactions to them and investors.

The course will get you straight to a high opening position when you are equipped with the knowledge needed to get started.

In addition, in this course you will be able to use Or Viniv to answer questions and overcome obstacles on the way to the destination - a property in the USA.

  • Why invest in the US?
  • Setting goals
  • Investment strategies
  • US real estate history and the Great Crisis in 2008
  • Price chart of selected places
  • Types of regions and distribution by price / yield / population
  • What is important to know in each area
  • Investor psychology
  • Yield versus tenant quality
  • Types of properties
  • Cold Market / Hot Market
  • Region selection - parameters
  • Required information in an area investigation
  • Price Graph
  • Selecting a region according to strategy
  • Important sites
  • Sorting according to tenant protection laws
  • Sample investigation
  • Internet investigation
  • The people in the field
  • The use of Bigger Phukets
  • Where do trades come from
  • Curved houses
  • Tran Key Companies
  • Dive into an example area
  • Who are the crew
  • How to work with people in the United States
  • Inspector
  • Teitel companies
  • Agents
  • How to find a suitable agent
  • Transcript
  • Work relationships and motivation
  • Flip agents
  • Demo talk
  • How does Wholesaler work
  • How to find them
  • Build a relationship
  • Important highlights
  • How they find deals
  • To be a wholesaler
  • How to work with Zillow
  • Important filters
  • Site Estimates
  • Comparison of homes sold
  • demonstration
  • Area levels
  • Important parameters of the property and the area
  • Comps
  • Highlights are very important when working with Comps
  • Full inquiry of sample address
  • Internet Inquiry
  • Transaction Checking Stages
  • Maximum bid for the property
  • Cold Market / Hot Market
  • Methods for finding homes below par
  • Web site integration
  • MLS
  • Off Market
  • The full status diagram for the purchase process
  • Types of reservations
  • Proper testing
  • Bids and counter suggestions
  • Insecurity
  • Buying a property with a tenant
  • Role of City Hall
  • Point tests
  • The actual negotiations
  • Complete Action Diagram
  • An important tip at the end
  • Where to find them
  • Managers
  • Questions to the contractor
  • Important highlights
  • Supervision Supervision Supervision
  • Important components in the renovation
  • What to watch out for
  • Dive into the various renovation elements
  • Types of flips
  • Examples
  • Select a region
  • Important tips
  • The full checklist for Flip
  • Pre-purchase testing
  • Flip yield calculator
  • Highlights for team building
  • Manage the renovation with an emphasis on Flip
  • Supervision and payment times
  • The risks in Flip
  • Exit options
  • Full table of risks and minimization of Brenthal and Flip
  • Risks in the multiplayer
  • Types of insurance
  • Highlights in insurance
  • Example of insurance
  • Types of contracts at work in the US
  • The roles of the management company
  • The full checklist to work with the management company
  • Management diagram of the management company
  • Challenges in working with the management company
  • Phases of selling a property to Flip
  • Closing costs on Flip
  • Flip - Understanding buyer processes
  • Realtor strategies
  • Rental Property Sales Stages
  • Selling a property with a tenant
  • Caution - the municipality's role in the process
  • Sales management from the country
  • Examples of leverage
    Yield differences
  • Pros and cons of leverage
  • Financing options in Israel
  • US financing options

Steps to Finding a Tenant * Diving to the Tenant Filtering * Advanced Methods * Caution - Potential Tenant Impersonations

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Steve Smith

I was able to gain skills, knowledge, impressive certificates, and confidence through the online courses that helped me prepare for a successful career.

Steve Smith

I was able to gain skills, knowledge, impressive certificates, and confidence through the online courses that helped me prepare for a successful career.

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