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Interview with entrepreneur of the week - Yair Tal - real estate investments in the United States

#IzmahShavuot Yair Tal #Post1

Hi everyone, my name is Yair Tal... It's an honor to be a guest here at Yezam this week, and the truth is, it's kind of embarrassing to write my age here... 😊
The majority here are in their thirties... amazing, I mean - they caught the part in time
But standing tall and with a bent arm - I'm in my mid-fifties, but giving a fight...
Married to my first wife and father of 3 who are already adults and one dog, amazing, promises that at least one of the photos will be hers
So what am I actually doing here? Without a doubt - sharing insights and conveying a message... here it begins
So my story is a good boy, academic reserve, degree in electrical engineering, begins my first steps as a young engineer in the technological division of the Intelligence Corps (Shu Shu...), gets released, and continues a technological and managerial career in the high-tech industry. Life looks great, both of us (my wife and I) are investing in careers, becoming parents, living in the house we bought... The bourgeoisie is being paved in full glory...
Then, almost 20 years ago, that book that everyone has read comes to me. Yes, I know, it's corny to the point of vomiting...
But what to do? I finished "Rich Dad Poor Dad", closed the book and within two months I bought my first investment apartment (in Israel). corny right?
What really made me do this?
Fear 😱
Fear that I will not always advance in my career, fear that salaries will not always increase, fear that engineers, unlike doctors, accountants and lawyers - do not improve over the years, fear that our pension funds will be nationalized.... fear!!
So I bought an apartment to generate another income channel...
As I finish this project and the apartment starts yielding, I realize that I did the right thing. And from that year, every time I managed to collect another drop of money - I added a mortgage and...hope - another apartment.
Well, then it was easy to buy apartments in Israel...

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News from the world of real estate investing
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