Mentormind Support Membership

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Mentormind subscription Is your gateway to real estate studies and investing in exclusive and attractive deals -

Beyond the normal benefits to Real Club members, this membership gives you the following benefits:

1. Join our prestigious affiliate marketing club and earn money from advertising the club's products

2. View recordings of the lecturers starting from the 2020 track

So what is a mentormind? The word mentormind contains 2 words - mentor and mastermind!

The study is conducted online once a week, with accompaniment by a professional mentor with extensive experience who will accompany you from the beginning, even if you are completely inexperienced to the stage of finding and analyzing transactions and closing the deal - you will receive a comprehensive answer and help in every real estate transaction. The long-awaited economic freedom.

The meetings are mastermind meetings - which are meetings where a unique group of friends are created that help and encourage each other by providing weekly brainstorming and mutual assistance.

The mastermind groups form strong friendships and partnerships that extend well beyond online meetings.

3. Access to the closed support forum on the website and Facebook of the real estate course

4. Access to the closed support forum on the website and Facebook of the MentorMind program with all mentors for life

The price for these companies is $ 700 in a one-time payment and after 3 months a monthly payment of $ 10 per month system maintenance fee (can be canceled in the profile on the site at any given moment).

Welcome to the follow-up support program for graduates of Nadlan's mentoring programs

To join and pay, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form

A Mentormind Support subscription includes:

A weekly Zoom meeting of questions and answers and the analysis of your transactions to continue supporting the track members

Continue to access the social network on the website to consult with experts and answer any question

Facebook icon

Continue personal and group support in the closed Facebook group of the course of the study program you studied

Facebook icon

Continued access to the closed Mentormind program Facebook support forum with all mentors

Continued access to the recordings of the track you studied and access to the recordings of the previous and next cycles of the program

Access to a closed support group on the website that includes the support session recordings and files

Continue access to the lesson summaries on the website

Continue to access the route materials on the website

Full access to the learning application and the investor network

How to Sell a Home Quickly and Affordably

Continue access to the transaction group on the website for posting transactions

To register Fill out the form Below

If you are registered on the site, log in with your username and password and return to this page and click on the join button.
After clicking the join button, you will be directed to the form for filling out credit card information.
The payment is 700 dollars for every 6 months of support and allows continued access to the website materials and the Facebook groups that allow continued support for students.

If you have a coupon code, click on the link - Have a coupon ?, and enter the coupon to receive the discount.

After 30 days you will be charged a cost of $1000 for each additional month. The cost covers the support and the cost of using the technology - the cost of storing the videos, the servers, the social network on the site, the application, customer service, etc.

You can choose to cancel or stop the subscription at any stage by logging in to your profile on the site and selecting Subscriptions. 

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