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Nadlan premium support

Personal accompaniment and a variety of benefits in the various departments

Nadlan Course Get Access to Our Full Online Course

By joining the premium service, you get full access to the most comprehensive real estate course in Israel, which includes over 20 modules with over 70 different lectures on the entire field of real estate. 

The main topics we will learn in the course are:

Investor profile - what each investor must know about himself and how to identify the various parameters in the nature of the investor,

Basic analysis of graphs and examples (forked),

How to analyze a region - What are the parameters for examining a region, how to find and analyze the information, information from the Internet and information from people in the field. We will see examples

Types of investment neighborhoods - the nature of the area, the impact on the return, the quality of the tenant, the investor's budget.

Transaction Analysis - We will see from start to finish how to calculate return, how to calculate ARV range, examination of the condition of the physical property, consideration of the area, what is the amount of the offer that should be submitted. We will of course see examples, provide a checklist and reference materials.

Flip - what are the important things in making a flip, what to watch out for, what neighborhoods to work in, how to identify flip deals, what are the important items, staging, various expenses and more and more… We will provide a checklist and return calculator.

Financing - We will briefly see what financing can contribute to us. What are the disadvantages of financing and how the yield changes.

Taxation - We will host one of the leading accountants in the country to explain to us the investor's duties and rights.

Setting up an operation - how to set up a team, how to find realtors, an inspector, a title company, a general contractor, renovators, wholesalers and much more.

Holesailing - We will explain about holsailing and host one of the active Indiana wholesalers to tell us all the information from inside.

The aim of the course is to give the novice investor all the tools and knowledge in one neat place. The course summarizes dozens of hours and comprehensive information in a series of lectures that can be seen at home, during short breaks and everywhere. The student receives reference material, calculators, checklists and everything needed to get started.

Real Smart Subscription Get Access to the Full Feature Packed Subscription Online

By joining the premium service, you get full access to the Real Smart subscription on our website, which includes:

  1. Hundreds of real estate files - hundreds of real estate files in all areas - contracts, agreements, letters to tenants, calculation sheets, calculators and more.
  2. Expert Arena - Hundreds of experts with each expert having a personal group to join and ask questions
  3. App - Access all content conveniently through a mobile app
  4. Recorded interviews with real estate experts on various areas in the United States
  5. Edited recordings of all lectures from Nadlan Expo pants for generations.
  6. A real estate encyclopedia with thousands of entries carefully selected and edited for you
  7. Discussion arenas, sale and purchase of properties for any hot state in the United States
  8. Comprehensive information on the hot markets in the United States
  9. Tens of thousands of articles in 104 languages
  10. Forums and advisory groups

50% Off Products

Members of the Premium Club receive a fifty percent discount on the products of the various departments

Get the Top Under Market Value Properties First

Our real estate university contains comprehensive industry courses that will teach you how to invest in real estate in the United States, and personal mentoring programs with leading mentors who live and work in the United States and who have completed dozens of group study programs (Mentormind program) to success! Our goal is to give the novice investor all the tools and knowledge in one neat place.

In one registration you get access to recordings of all the programs for life.

Members of the Premium Club receive a 50 percent discount on registration for the Real Estate University tracks.

Nadlan Capital Group

Our real estate transaction analysis service is the surest way to succeed in real estate investing, as the success lies in the information you receive about the investment. Before you buy a property from a source you do not know, you must order a detailed report detailing the true value of the property, data on the area such as crime, schools, prices of similar properties, immigration, sources of employment and more.

Premium Club members receive a 50 percent discount on Nadlan Analyst's analytical reports.

Nadlan Legal Your Full Legal Package

Do not buy real estate in the United States without a comprehensive legal examination of the property

Nadlan Legal provides you with the solution with a comprehensive package of tests for the new property you have purchased

Premium Club members receive a 50 percent discount on the service.

Real Smart Subscription Targeted Marketing to Real Estate Investors Worldwide

Our advertising service for real estate companies includes banners, videos, articles, newsletters, interviews, exposure and lectures at Nadlan Expo events and more.

חברי מועדון הפרימיום מקבלים במתנה:

1. Building an upgraded and designed company profile on the site By our home designers bמאגר חברות הנדל"ן שיוצג כל עוד יש לכם מנוי פרופיל חברה פעיל free! - שווי ההטבה: 3000 דולר.
פרופיל החברה המשודרג כולל את פרטי ההתקשרות שלכם: מי אנחנו, למה אנחנו, שאלות ותשובות, מידע איזורי, סרטוני וידאו, נכסים לדוגמא, לימדו קצת עלינו, שאלות נפוצות, פוסטים נבחרים וכתבות, המלצות מלקוחות, טופס צור קשר לפניות שמגיעות ישירות אליכם, פרטי התקשרות עם קישורים חיים: רשימת עובדים, מייל, טלפון, פרופיל פייסבוק ואתר אינטרנט וכולל קישור חי לאתר שלכם למטרת קידום האתר במנועי החיפוש (SEO).

2. הנחה בעלות מנוי דף חברה: 50 percent הנחה למנוי החודשי של דף החברה - רגיל או מקודם - שווי ההטבה: 250 עד 375 דולר לחודש

3. הנחה על באנרים: 50 percent הנחה למנוי החודשי בעלות של הבאנר הגדול ביותר - באנר עליון ענק בגודל של 1200 על 1920 פיקסלים, שמוצג בדף הבית ובדפים של כל הכתבות מעל הכתבה - שווי ההטבה: 250 דולר לחודש

4. כתבה באתר - An article of up to 3000 words that describes your activities in the context of the real estate world. The article includes a live link to your site for SEO promotion or alternatively to your company page on the site. The article is translated into 104 languages.

עלות רגילה 2000 דולר. 50 אחוז הנחה למנויי הפרמיום. (1000 דולר בלבד).

5. דיוור לרשימת התפוצה: פרסום הכתבה שלכם בדיוור החודשי שלנו לקהל של כ 10,000 חברים או לחלופין הוספת הבאנר הפרסומי שלכם לדיוור עם קישור לכתבה, לדף החברה שלכם באתר שלנו או לאתר שלכם. - שווי ההטבה: 2000 דולר

7. Invitation to lecture a 10-minute lecture at the annual conference of Nadlan Expo - הרצאה פיזית לקהל שבאולם או לחילופין דרך הזום וזאת במידה ואתם לא תוכלו להגיע לישראל במועד המתאים. ההרצאה מצולמתחי באולם ונכנסת למאגר ההרצאות שלנו באתר לצפייה של מנויי האתר שנים רבות קדימה (בשווי 2000 דולר) *
 ראיון מצולם לפודקאסט: שכולל עשרות אלפי אנשים רשומים ביוטיוב, ונחשף גם לקבוצת הפייסבוק עם עשרות אלפי אנשים, ל LinkedIn ולאתר שלנו שכולל עשרות אלפי צפיות. הראיון הינו בן חצי שעה וכולל שאלות הקשורות להסטוריה היזמית שלכם, מידע על החברה שלכם ועל הפרוייקטים שלכם וכולל דרכי התקשרות. שווי ההטבה: 2000 דולר

9. פוסט בקבוצת הפייסבוק על הפרסום שלכם איתנו, פרטים על החברה ועל המוצר והפניה לצפיית הפרסום באתר 

* Given the existence of the conference in accordance with the restrictions

Course main

Below are selected modules from the course

Choosing an investment market

1. Types of assets
2. Cold market / hot market
3. Selection of area - parameters
4. Mandatory information in area investigation
5. Price Graph
6. Selection of an area according to strategy
7. Important sites
8. Sorting according to the tenant protection laws
9. Sample investigation

In-depth investigation of the selected market

1. Internet investigation
2. The people in the field
3. The use of Bigger Foxes
4. Where do transactions come from
5. Curved houses
6. Turn Key Companies
7. Dive to sample area

Establishing an operation

1. Who are the staff members
2. How to work with people in the US
3. Inspector
4. Title companies
5. Agents
6. How to find a suitable agent
7. Conversation script
8. Work relationships and motivation
9. Agents for the flip
10. Demo call


1. How a Wholesaler Works
2. How to find them
3. Building a relationship
4. Important highlights
5. How they find deals
6. Be a wholesaler

Property investigation and property area

1. Area levels
2. Important parameters of the property and area
3. Compass
4. Highlights are very important when working with Compass
5. Full inquiry of sample address
6. Online inquiry
7. Transaction review stages
8. Maximum bid for the property


1. Types of flips
2. Examples
3. Select an area
4. Important tips
5. The complete checklist for the flip
6. Pre-purchase inspections
7. Flip yield calculator
8. Emphasis on team building
9. Management of the renovation with an emphasis on flip
10. Supervision and payment times
11. The risks in the flip
12. Exit options


What our customers say

I purchased two properties in Ohio in 2014 and I am happy that the value of the properties has increased significantly since then and I wanted to continue investing in real estate in the United States but all the free cash I had was invested in these properties. Galit from the Real Group team And spending a considerable portion of the money for further investment. The process was quick and smooth.

Ronen A.


For several years I had the dream of purchasing a property in the United States. I signed up for a number of courses on the subject and found my target area - Texas. The problem was that the cash I had was not enough to buy the duplex I found and the truth is I had no idea that as a foreign resident, without an American credit score and without a social security number I could get financing. I saw an advertisement about your company, and to my delight, the kind Yael came back to me with explanations about the process. I am happy to announce that we were able to make a purchase of the property within two months and the process went smoothly and quickly. Thank you for helping the forum's investor community.

Rinat B.


I have been purchasing properties in the United States since 2010 and have a portfolio of 32 properties in Philadelphia. Due to the high real estate prices I decided I would prefer to spread risks and spend the capital inherent in these properties because they were purchased in cash, and purchase with these funds a building in Wisconsin. Although the process took some time and was not easy to perform from Israel as it was necessary to perform appraisals for all these properties, but Alex, the wonderful mortgage advisor of Real Estate Capital Group, helped me throughout the process and was always available for me. I am happy to recommend the company and service.

Assaf R.


Highly recommend Lior Lustig and his staff. A true professional and a super serious guy. Thanks Lior. Highly appreciates the seriousness of the investment and the connections. Wow

Sarit Arbel

Must praise Lior, who has accompanied me for the past month and a half in purchasing a property package from Nadlan Invest.
So professional and reliable, he invested his personal time to help me in every area related to the deal! Beyond that he answered me everything I asked quickly and gave me a lot of knowledge that I didn’t really have as an investor at the beginning of her career. It also gave me confidence that sometimes I thought there was no chance anymore. Everything I will detail here will not really describe my experience with Lior, closing several properties, with a loan, for the first time and ticking everything off in such a short period of time ...
Thank you so much Lior for the way, learning and support! you are number 1! Lior Lustig

Talia Asraf and Aknin

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