Discount Coupon for Yariv Paz Real Estate Course + Unique Website Bonus!


Discount coupon for Yariv Paz's real estate course - a $ 150 discount on the cost of the course



Discount coupon for the real estate course of Yariv Paz + a special and unique bonus only for members of the real estate club and for that matter!

The next cycle begins on May 28 - 7 Live Online Meetings on Tuesdays from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Discount of $ 150 on the cost of the course - regular price: 2500 NIS (about 700 dollars) - special price for members of the real estate club and for that matter: only 550 dollars (only 2000 shekels) ..

Special bonus: Those who purchase a coupon through the forum website will have access to the photographed content of the course at the end!

The coupon will enable you to learn 7 lessons with an experienced and experienced entrepreneur with extensive experience and admissions in the field, a course that covers the entire investment cycle in the United States

By purchasing this coupon, we will send you a unique discount code for Yariv Paz's course - Discount of about NIS 540!

Syllabus US Real Estate Course 2019 - Yariv Paz

First meeting - general

  • American real estate market
  • The subprime crisis
  • Introduction to US Real Estate Investing
  • Opportunities and risks

Second meeting - Introduction to investments

  • Financial Planning
  • Passive income, risk diversification
  • Creative financing - how to buy real estate without equity
  • Turning US real estate into a business
  • The legal aspects of a US real estate transaction
  • How to secure the money transferred to the US
  • How to check that the property is registered in the name of the investor 

Third meeting - investing in the US

  • Real estate in Israel compared to real estate in the United States
  • Calculations of yield
  • Types of investments and tools for examination (direct / indirect) (multi-family, entrepreneurship, rent, etc.)
  • Types of properties
  • How to buy a home in the US - the full buying circle
  • How to choose a country for investment
  • Common Mistakes

Session Four - Locating and Studying a Transaction (Theory)

  • Evacuation of tenant law
  • Population indices
  • How do I locate a transaction?
  • How to buy a house from the bank?
  • 8 residents
  • What you check before buying a property
  • The tax aspects of Israelis in a US real estate transaction
  • What is the taxation of Israelis who own homes in the US from rent and sale

Session 5 - Locating and examining transactions (practice)

  • Analysis of transactions in various instruments

Sixth meeting - Closing the property and registration

  • Teitel Company
  • The Human 1 \ Cloning Situation
  • LLC company and EIN number
  • Registration of ownership of the property and examination of ownership of the property
  • The site of the canti
  • How is the money transferred to the US?

Session Seven - Property Management (Practical Aspects)

  • The management company and its functions
  • How to locate a management company
  • How much the management company earns
  • Additional expenses that apply to the owner of the property
  • Sale of the property

Your price as members of real estate club of real estate and interest will be approximately 150 USD DISCOUNT (approximately 540 SHEKELS) full of course.

(Coupon costs 100 dollars and balance, 450 dollars, pay directly to rival Paz)

In practice, the discount you receive is $ 150, meaning the final price you will pay is $ 550

We take care of you after the purchase - When purchasing a coupon on the site of real estate and to the point, we guarantee that you will receive the service offered * - We choose only reliable suppliers that we know personally and we know that they have satisfied customers.
If for any reason the supplier fails to provide the service to your satisfaction, your money will be refunded. It is also doubtful that he will consistently receive complaints about his work, that the authorized supplier will stop receiving referrals from the forum and therefore it is in the interest of providing you with the service to the best of his ability and satisfaction.

After the purchase you will receive a unique code which you will need to provide to the supplier. After giving the code, the vendor will give you the discount.

The discount is given only to members of the real estate club who purchased the coupon through the club and passed a unique code to the supplier - the supplier will make sure that the code is in his code list before the discount is given.

What are the monthly expenses of a property owner in the United States?

How do you buy a home in the United States?


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