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Welcome to Mentormind - The United States Real Estate Forum Personal Accompaniment Program

Tired of all the programs that only teach you theory?
Confused with all the expensive courses and escort programs? Did you buy a first property and got stuck? Known problem!
Call it the second property barrier!
You need a plan to get you done!
The dream team of leading real estate lecturers and mentors and business is at your service - now in a personal accompaniment program that will take you hand in hand all the way to your success!

Real Estate and Interest, the operator of the United States Real Estate Forum, has recently launched a new, revolutionary real estate curriculum and most importantly - suitable for every pocket - the Mentormind program!

So what is Mentormind? The word Mentorminded Contains 2 words - Mentor and mastermind!

The study is conducted in small, intimate groups of 5 people online once a week, with the assistance of a highly experienced professional mentor who will accompany you from the beginning, even if you are completely inexperienced to the stage of finding and analyzing transactions and closing the deal - you will receive a comprehensive answer and help throughout the real deal cycle. ” You can take another step towards long-awaited economic freedom.

The meetings are mastermind meetings - which are meetings where a unique group of friends are created that help and encourage each other by providing weekly brainstorming and mutual assistance.
The mastermind groups form strong friendships and partnerships that extend well beyond online meetings.

How the elites carry out the real estate tax planning for their FAS accountants and consultants

Program Benefits:

⦁ Mastermind online meeting in small groups with a mentor who is also a mentor and investor escort!
⦁ Personal Attitude, Accompaniment and Group Counseling Without a Tag High Price! Definitely a revolution!
⦁ Meetings include a series of 4 base sessions + 4 advanced sessions.
⦁ You can register for each one individually, or pre-purchase the set of 8 sessions at a discounted price.
⦁ After completing the 8 sessions, you can sign up for a discounted price to continue monthly online escorts with the mentor of your choice.

The structure of the meetings

The program is divided into 4 sessions base, 4 sessions Advanced And on Monthly escorts With the mentor indefinitely until your arrival Target You have set yourself!
Each mentor has built a unique program for the first 8 sessions -
4 sessions base + 4 sessions Advanced.
The background of each mentor and the program he built is posted here:
  1. On the forum's forum under Meeting board
  2. בMentor page The dedicated site
  3. Facebook forum under Study Unit: Mentormind

Introductory meeting

Before starting each cycle we will establish a general meeting with each mentor

This session is free and open to everyone

At this meeting, the mentor will explain his personal mentoring program to the registrants for the meeting

The mentor will select from those who are interested the ones who are most suited to embark on the same journey together

The adjustment will be made on the basis of group dynamics, commitment to success, common goals, etc.

Also in this session we will answer any technical questions you may have about the operation of the system

Registration for each cycle is at the end of the introductory session

The first eight to find suitable will form the next cycle

After registering and paying, you will receive exclusive entry privileges for the series of sessions you are selected to

Tal Levi - MentorMind - Tal Levi

General lesson structure

(Of course, each mentor's program will be customized)
  • First half hour: Study of New Material According to the plan thatPre-built
  • Half an hour: Questions and answers On the material being studied
  • Third half hour: Live examples from the field From The Mentor's Everyday Experience - Demo Through Photos and videos
  • Fourth half hour: Go over Personal Progress Of each participant and giving Tasks for the next reunion

Meeting dates

Every program - base, advanced and ongoing accompaniment begins At the beginning of a calendar month
One meeting every week bFixed time
Each mentor chose Two hours a week בFixed time Per session
All you have to do is Connect At this time to the system through the email sent to you
Students will receive Invitation to Email About the lesson time and possibility forEasy and simple connection
Webinar The Forum's Revolutionary Real Estate Curriculum - Mentormind Led by Or ...


Choose the program Appropriate For purposes your
Join the meeting Acquaintance
Get it Mentor approval for joining To the route you have chosen
Register From the site with ease
Mentorminded banner - Dani Beit-Or - Banner 8 points

The structure of each study session

The weekly sessions are online

Connecting is easy and straightforward

A high speed internet connection and a webcam are needed

You can connect from a mobile phone, but of course it's best to have a laptop or desktop computer for the best display

At each session you will have a full interaction with the mentor and other members

You can watch everyone's cameras and have a conversation

The mentor will conduct the meeting according to a predetermined plan

During the meeting, the mentor will use various teaching tools such as:

Presentation, pictures, video, documents, graphs, explanation of the use of various websites, etc.

Please connect in a quiet environment

The duration of each session is two hours, so please have a relaxed time for learning

The basic + advanced sessions series will be closed to a mentor + 8 regular trainees

The goal is to create a breach meeting and a support group to help you achieve your personal goals!

Certainly the friendships and collaborations formed in each series of sessions will go well beyond the end of the series!

Because each session depends on its predecessor and we want to preserve the intimacy and dynamics, in most cases it will not be possible to join the program in the middle of a series of sessions.
We expect you to be persistent and committed to the process to get the maximum results
We expect you to look serious, join all the sessions on time, complete the tasks and see engagement
Mastermind sessions are brainstorming sessions and the interaction and dynamics between team members is critical to everyone's success!

Roei Maudi Mentormind - Roi Maud Banner Mentormind

Support and questions for the mentor after the meeting

Must be maintained Private time Of the Mentor -
Access to the Mentor Limited to meeting time or inquiries in the dedicated site forum only (Not via Wetsap, Messenger, Mail, etc.).
During the week we will explain to you about usingThe dedicated forum on the site Which opens to every mentor
This move is set to keep The mentor's private time And also to Formulate the cycle
Answering questions In a group form Is an essential part of the learning process andThe dynamics That is created among the students and therefore all must be asked Your questions Only During the sessions or the dedicated forum Of the same on-site mentor and not in private
In the support forum on the site you can get a response the plan Itself, questions about The tasks Yours and yours too Investment and asset acquisition Yours that are part of it From the goal Your joining the program
The support forum will be open You as long as you are Friends In one of the escort programs

What happens if you miss a meeting?

Meeting members will have access toMeetings recordings Throughout their enrollment in the program
All you have to do is Watch In recording the meeting you missed
This is to stay on top of things and keep up to date with tasks
And to get to the next meeting Ready!
You can too to ask On the mission the mentor and other members In the dedicated forum on the site

What happens if the meeting date changes or is canceled?

You can easily catch up on any changes onBoard meeting site forum
You will also receive Email alert Any change on the date of the meeting
And you can to ask questions Also on the date of the meetings In the dedicated forum on the site

Technical support and program questions


Questions of Before and after registration You can contact us by sending a message in the chat on the site

Click on Chat button And we'll be there help

Or by sending a message atOur Facebook page at this link

Types of program participants

To make the Mentormind program accessible to as many participants as possible in terms of costs and mentor resources - the program allows two types of participants:

Membership in the track as an active viewer

Light Mentoring track

Participants are not active partners in the mentoring process - they are the audience

Their microphone is off

They can watch the process and send messages and questions with the approval of the mentor

Imagine a moderator addressing the audience with questions - but most of the time the audience watches the show, makes notes and asks while appropriate for the moderator - the mentor decides when it's time to respond to questions from the audience


Students in the cycle: 20 only

Camera Sharing: No (Mentor can give permission if needed)

Off Microphone: Yes by default (Mentor can give privileges if needed)

Download files and chores shared by the mentor: Yes

Uploading viewer files during the mentoring process: No.

Sending questions while mentoring to the mentor or trainees: Yes - with the approval of the mentor

Who can see the questions asked: only the mentor

Option to send a private message to another trainee or mentor: No.

Access to chat while mentoring: Yes - with the approval of the mentor

Access to screen painting: No

Personal Progress Tracking: No.

Personal Mentoring: No.

Assignment Tracking: No.

Escort Transactions: No

Getting the Full Bonus Package: No.

Access to the record store of all mentors: no

Watching the recording of the mentoring: No.

Access to the site of the transaction: No

Full access to real estate expert panel interviews: no

Full access to the recorded forum sessions lectures: no

Access the site's real estate database: no

Full Access to Real Estate: No

Online Account Access: No

Access to the Mentors Consultation Forum on the site: no

Possibility to join the semi-annual tour with the mentor: with the approval of the mentor

Free weekly consultation with the forum: no

$ 500 discount in closing costs in buying a mentor property: Yes

Backup Forum Purchase Process: Yes

Possibility to advance to the basic track: Yes - according to the mentor's opinion

Possibility to progress to a monthly mentoring track: Yes - according to the mentor's opinion

Cost: Half price - there are multiple discounts! - You can use a discount coupon if you have one, and get an additional 50 percent off the Light Track! As said - real estate for everyone!

A viewer can upgrade to become a member of the Mentormind nucleus based on free space during the course.

Gives membership to the full mentoring track
Extreme Mentoring track

Students in the cycle: 5 only
Camera sharing: Yes
Off Microphone: No
Sharing the participant's files during the mentoring process: Yes
Download files and chores shared by the mentor: Yes
Uploading trainee files during the mentoring process: Yes
Receiving files from the facilitator such as lecture files, excels, etc.: Yes
Sending questions while mentoring everyone: Yes
Who can see the questions asked: Everyone
Option to send a private message to another trainee or mentor: Yes
Chat access while mentoring: Yes
Access to screen painting: Yes
Personal Progress Tracking: Yes
Personal Mentoring: Yes
Assignment tracking: Yes
Escort Transactions: Yes
Getting the Full Bonus Package: Yes
Access to the record store for all mentors: Yes
Watching the recording of the mentoring: Yes
Access to Website Transaction Site: Yes
Full access to real estate expert interviews: Yes
Full access to the recorded forum sessions lectures: Yes
Access the site's real estate database: Yes
Full access to real estate: Yes
Access to Online Calculators: Yes (currently under development)
Access to the Mentors Consultation Forum on the site: Yes
Option to join the semi-annual tour with the Mentor: Yes
Free weekly consultation with the forum: Yes
$ 500 discount in closing costs in buying a mentor property: Yes
Backup Forum Purchase Process: Yes
Possibility to advance to the basic route: Yes
Possibility to progress to a monthly mentoring track: Yes
Cost: The regular price of the program - a coupon can be used but no multiple discounts

Exclusive bonuses for mentor-minded students

Access the record store for all mentors!

Access the All Mentors Support Forum!

A database of 500 real estate files!

Access to Real Estate - Real Estate Encyclopedia!

Exclusive sale scene for you only!

Free access to all exclusive interviews within the Forum Real Estate Experts panel!

Free access to all lectures from all conferences we have ever attended!

An organized tour of the mentor's work area to get a closer look at what this is about!

Online real estate calculators!

Free weekly forum advice especially for you as long as you are in the mentoring process!

50 percent off all our conferences as long as you are on the mentoring program!

$ 500 off purchase fees with your mentor!

Our mentors

Orr has learned in depth everything about American real estate and has plunged into the Indianapolis market as early as 2015. Orr has performed dozens of real estate deals, including a number of rental properties for her and especially for investors who bought long-term investment and flip transactions.
Tal Levy is a three-year-old father and a Master of Health Sciences from Ben-Gurion University, a professional real estate finance diploma from the University of New York (NYU) and has 13 years of real estate experience as a US broker and investor.
Danny Beit Or is an expert in real estate investments, a lecturer and mentor. Danny is currently considered a leader in residential real estate investments. For the past 16 years Danny has been a freelance real estate investor and is accompanied by real estate investors from around the world.
Along with his wife Alexa - believe it or not she is a building contractor, Nir Sheinbein has established a empire of flips in Texas, and anyone who follows them ... sees that these guys are not resting for a moment! Let's learn how to make Flip from home!
Roy Maudi is a multi-FMLI investment specialist and owner of numerous residential and commercial real estate complexes. Roy served as a recognized and esteemed mentor in the largest and most recognized schools in Israel.
Roy ever

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  1. Joining the community - On the website and Facebook there is a community of thousands of investors and real estate entrepreneurs who will be happy to answer any question for you at no cost.
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We work with Turnkey companies in all US hot markets, so you can choose where you want to invest.

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