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Tal Levy

Tal Levy, Founder of a company Barrus Realty, Is a husband, father of three and husband Master's degree In Health Sciences from Ben-Gurion University, Professional Certificate in Real Estate Financing from New York University (NYU) And the husband 13 years of experience in the real estate field as a broker and investor in the USA.

The beginning of his real estate career began approxAgent in Israel Engaged in the sale of investment properties.
In 2007, Tal and Shira moved to New York.
Tal started his American real estate complex approxAgent for sale and rent Of apartments and later dealt with bFinding and executing investment deals across New York, Initially transactions of Construction and renovation Luxury homes in luxury neighborhoods such as Park Slope and Prospect Park bBrooklyn And later the acquisition and maintenance of Yielding properties throughout New York State Who are under The management company he owns.
Over the years Tal has been involved inA large number of transactions That generated a net profit of Tens of millions of dollars.

Tal specializes in finding opportunities Investment Off Market And the execution of the transaction For all its stages - From finding the deal, Negotiation, מימון, Purchase renovation and design Committee sale, renting וAsset Management.

Real Estate Entrepreneurship and Success - Experience makes a difference

I believe in Tal Levy

I am a big believer in real estate for everyone

To me, this is a realmEveryone must be involved, to invest Bo andUnderstand it.This An effective tool for living in economic well-being, enjoy life And experience them in a way Positive. A good tool for building pension וfinancial security. The Internet, computers, etc. provide the The most convenient tools That they have ever been To the general public to be Directly involved In the economic tool The strongest Which ever was, and a pity Miss the opportunity! I'm a big believer inMutual aid, And believes thatThe success of one is the success of all of us, Since if the cake is bigger it will work for the common good and therefore the motto that has led us for years is: “We believe in our ability to positively impact people’s lives. In our view real estate is related to every aspect of our lives: relationships, work, opportunities, or freedom. It all happens on a piece of real estate so we can positively impact the community by helping a property owner, hiring a young designer looking for a first chance, renting a business store at the beginning of his career, fulfilling a family dream of a home where they can grow up or helping dreamers fulfill their financial aspirations . We believe there is nothing like it A good challenge Remove the The best we built The challenge Find an opportunity וTo take her, The challenge to try andto succeed. We believe thatOur word is important And the responsibility is ours. Always. We train thatprofessionalism, Perseverance and hard work they The basics Everything is built on them. We believe we can do all this with smile. "

Structure of mentormind meetings

The Base Plan and the Advanced Plan include 4 sessions per two-hour plan per session

Meeting structure:

  • Half an hour of mentoring
  • Half an hour of answering questions and answers from members of the mastermind session
  • Half an hour of live examples from the area demonstrating the study material
  • Half of going over each one's progress and giving tasks to the next meeting
MentorMind Meetings Calendar The Meetings Calendar is the heart of the MentormindMin ...

Structure of each study session:

  • The weekly sessions are online
    Connecting is easy and straightforward
  • A high speed internet connection and a webcam are needed
  • You can connect from a mobile phone, but of course it's best to have a laptop or desktop computer for the best display
  • At each session you will have a full interaction with the mentor and other members
  • You can watch everyone's cameras and have a conversation
  • The mentor will conduct the meeting according to a predetermined plan
  • During the meeting, the mentor will use various teaching tools such as:
    Presentation, pictures, video, documents, graphs, explanation of the use of various websites, etc.
  • Please connect in a quiet environment
  • The duration of each session is two hours, so please have a relaxed time for learning
  • The basic + advanced sessions will be closed to a mentor + 5 regular + viewers
  • The goal is to create a breach meeting and a support group to help you achieve your personal goals!


Tal Levi's curriculum for the base sessions

First meeting - Why entrepreneurship and why real estate? - The reason makes the difference

First meeting will address "why" and talk about the level of perseverance and approach needed for success:

  • First, we will get to know the trainees more deeply -
    who are you
    What are you doing Except real estate?
    What brought you
    For the program?
    What are your goals and how many זמן You dedicate toReaching the goal?
    Which Area Workers?
    What a deal Looking for ?
  • Back to Objectives
  • Setting Up Concrete goals Such as “ Trip"Or"boat"Or whatever it is and use the purposes as"Bust”And as an alarm Motivation When needed - placing Pictures in front of the eyes וMemorization On hard days.
  • We will also talk about Advantages of real estate As an investment path to strengthen and root out the decision, again as an act of Motivation.

Second meeting - attitude and perseverance - the keys to success

The meeting will deal withAt least Necessary (consciousness) to own a business andPromoter Real Estate Coordinate expectations about Time Where it takes to become an entrepreneur:
  • Finding deals
  • closure Witness management Realization of profits.
  • access - Dealing with the word "No“With her you will meet a lot and deal with failure!
  • The need to stay Positive וto believe in yourself !
  • Work Approach - Developing knowledge in various aspects of the business in order Open options וReduce faults.

Third Meeting - Communication, Marketing and Sales as Key Work Tools

The tools Most important in the developer toolbox:
Ability to communicate with Selling, Contractors Investors Are buying וHire

  • what The basis for success In the field (identifying need and satisfying solution)
  • how Present (All nicely packed)  
  • how Clasps transaction
  • And tools bתקשורת Interpersonal (tone of voice, rhythm, etc.).
  •  Need In training

Fourth meeting - Search and find deals - the bottom line determines

  • Talk about the importance of ability Find deals Independently, How to do it And what? Volume of activity required in order to receive Results.
    You brought A deal for the table As a key toCreating Value Non-replaceable for the developer.
  • Wholesalers As a second source of transactions
  • Market Transactions - Identify transactions Street market Below their true value

Tal Levi's curriculum for advanced meetings

Fifth Session - Education - The Growth and Development Tool

The meeting will deal with the topic of education Formal and informal in the field of real estate

  • The importance of education as a tool - Ideas and tools for closing deals
  • Education benefits formally - Representative וConnections
  • education Informal: ספרים, Podcasts, Videos, Webinars, Mentoring. A lot of information is available and usually bfree
  • Recommendations?

Sixth Meeting - Transaction Analysis - The numbers that make a deal

At this meeting, Tal will move on Transactions found by trainees As part of their tasks in the mentoring track

The trainees will send the deals in advance, and Tal will select one or two deals as an example.  


Seventh Meeting - Negotiation - Creating Value and Closing Transactions

The meeting will deal withNegotiation As a tool forclosing deals 

  • Negotiation In the other side shoes
  • Create Value Added As a way Close deals
  • "NoAs a tool


Eighth Meeting - The Endless Game - The approach to building a long-term business

The meeting will deal withBusiness Extension Access And developing access toBuilding a business Shippel long period.

  • There are no winners and losers in business, only players Active and inactive !
  • The goal is to play andimprove
  • Examining our actions in a broad prism - what we do The assistants או Abusive We can Staying in the game.

Questions and Answers on the Mentormind Program

We have collected common questions for you

  1. Why entrepreneurship and why real estate? - The reason makes the difference
  2.  Attitude and perseverance - the keys to success
  3. Communication, marketing and sales as major tools
  4. Search and find deals - the bottom line determines
  1. Education - the tool for growth and development
  2. Transaction Analysis - The numbers that make a transaction
  3. Negotiation - Creating value and closing deals
  4. The endless game - the approach to building a long-term business


The meeting board is at the heart of the Mentormind system

In this table you can keep up to date on all sessions in the coming months

You can click the blue information button - information - and see details of the meeting

You will see the start time of the meeting, and whether there is a change in schedule

You can see the duration of the meeting

You can see if a meeting has been canceled, whether a meeting has changed its day or time

And of course you can sign up for the various sessions!

To get to the full Mentormind sessions, click here

Introduction meeting - meeting free With the lecturer in it the lecturer Will introduce himself, The plan The base And the plan Advanced

Base meeting - Meeting from the series of mentor base sessions

Advanced meeting - Meeting from the Mentor Advanced Meetings series

Monthly mentoring session - A meeting of the ongoing monthly mentoring series can register and join the advanced track alumni

The program is divided into 4 base sessions, 4 advanced sessions, and a monthly escort with the mentor indefinitely until you reach the goal you set for yourself.

Each mentor has built a unique program for the 8 initial sessions - 4 basic sessions + 4 advanced sessions.

The background of each mentor and the program he built is posted here:


  • On the forum site under the meeting schedule
  • On the dedicated mentor page on the site
  • In a Facebook forum under the study unit: Mentormind

Choose the appropriate program for your goals from the meeting schedule

Join the introductory meeting

Get the mentor's permission to join the route of your choice

Sign up easily!

If you are undecided which mentor to choose - make a short conversation with us and we will explain to you the main specialty of each mentor - You can schedule an appointment with us or send a message here

The mentor's private time should be maintained -
Access to the Mentor is limited to meeting time or inquiries in the dedicated site forum only

(Not through WhatsApp, Mail Messenger, etc.).

During the week we will explain to you the use of the dedicated forum on the site opened for each mentor

This move is set to keep the mentor's private time and also to formulate the cycle

Answering questions in a group manner is an essential part of the learning process and the dynamics created among students

Answering questions is part of everyone's learning process so all your questions should be asked only during the meetings or the dedicated forum mentor site and not privately

In the support forum you can answer the program itself, questions about your tasks and also your investments and purchasing of assets that are part of your goal in joining the program

The support forum will be open to you as long as you are a member of one of the escort programs

Meeting members will have access to the session recordings for the duration of their registration for the program

All you have to do is watch the recording you missed 

This is to stay on top of things and keep up to date with tasks

And to get to the next meeting ready

You can also ask the Mentor and other members of the mission at the dedicated forum on the site

You can easily keep up to date with any changes to the meeting board on the forum site

You will also be notified by email of any changes at the time of the meeting

And you can also ask questions about the date of the meetings in the dedicated forum on the site

Questions before and after registration can be directed to us by sending a message in the chat on the site

Every question goes to our CRM system for a response from a support team who will be happy to help

You can also ask questions in the support forum on the site

To make the Mentormind program accessible to as many participants as possible in terms of costs and mentor resources - the program allows two types of participants:


Gives membership to the full mentoring track

Extreme Mentoring track

Students in the cycle: 5 only

Camera sharing: Yes

Off Microphone: No

Sharing the participant's files during the mentoring process: Yes

Download files and chores shared by the mentor: Yes

Uploading trainee files during the mentoring process: Yes

Receiving files from the facilitator such as lecture files, excels, etc.: Yes

Sending questions while mentoring everyone: Yes

Who can see the questions asked: Everyone

Option to send a private message to another trainee or mentor: Yes

Chat access while mentoring: Yes

Access to screen painting: Yes

Personal Progress Tracking: Yes

Personal Mentoring: Yes

Assignment tracking: Yes

Escort Transactions: Yes

Getting the Full Bonus Package: Yes

Access to the record store for all mentors: Yes

Watching the recording of the mentoring: Yes

Access to Website Transaction Site: Yes

Full access to real estate expert interviews: Yes

Full access to the recorded forum sessions lectures: Yes

Access the site's real estate database: Yes

Full access to real estate: Yes

Access to Online Calculators: Yes (currently under development)

Access to the Mentors Consultation Forum on the site: Yes

Option to join the semi-annual tour with the Mentor: Yes

Free weekly consultation with the forum: Yes

$ 500 discount in closing costs in buying a mentor property: Yes

Backup Forum Purchase Process: Yes

Possibility to advance to the basic route: Yes

Possibility to progress to a monthly mentoring track: Yes

Cost: The regular price of the program - a coupon can be used but no multiple discounts


Membership in the track as an active viewer

Light Mentoring track

Participants are not active partners in the mentoring process - they are the audience

Their microphone is off

They can watch the process and send messages and questions with the approval of the mentor

Imagine a moderator addressing the audience with questions - but most of the time the audience watches the show, makes notes and asks while appropriate for the moderator - the mentor decides when it's time to respond to questions from the audience

Students in the cycle: 20 only

Camera Sharing: No (Mentor can give permission if needed)

Off Microphone: Yes by default (Mentor can give privileges if needed)

Download files and chores shared by the mentor: Yes

Uploading viewer files during the mentoring process: No.

Sending questions while mentoring to the mentor or trainees: Yes - with the approval of the mentor

Who can see the questions asked: only the mentor

Option to send a private message to another trainee or mentor: No.

Access to chat while mentoring: Yes - with the approval of the mentor

Access to screen painting: No

Personal Progress Tracking: No.

Personal Mentoring: No.

Assignment Tracking: No.

Escort Transactions: No

Getting the Full Bonus Package: No.

Access to the record store of all mentors: no

Watching the recording of the mentoring: No.

Access to the site of the transaction: No

Full access to real estate expert panel interviews: no

Full access to the recorded forum sessions lectures: no

Access the site's real estate database: no

Full Access to Real Estate: No

Online Account Access: No 

Access to the Mentors Consultation Forum on the site: no

Possibility to join the semi-annual tour with the mentor: with the approval of the mentor

Free weekly consultation with the forum: no

$ 500 discount in closing costs in buying a mentor property: Yes

Backup Forum Purchase Process: Yes

Possibility to advance to the basic track: Yes - according to the mentor's opinion

Possibility to progress to a monthly mentoring track: Yes - according to the mentor's opinion

Cost: Half price - there are double discounts! - You can use a discount coupon if you have one, and also get an additional 50 percent off the Light track! As said - real estate for everyone!

Mentor Tal Levy in action

Recommendations on Tal Levy

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