Oz Koren - Grab America - Investor Course

General details of the investor plan

Program Length about 4 Months: Combining Frontal Meetings,
Internet lessons, access to a secret group on Facebook,
And a personal phone escort of Oz and Chen.

How to find free-market deals?

What do you get in the program?

1. The full course (which includes 5 frontal sessions) - worth NIS 9400
2. Personal accompaniment in a real estate transaction - worth $ 7,500 (NIS 27,000)
3. Investor tour in the field (3 days tour in the US) - worth 9000 NIS (pricing is for the tour only!)
4. Opening an account in a company that allows money transfer to the US and back
At ridiculous costs (one third of the bank's) - worth 1500 NIS
5. Personal consultation with an accountant who specializes in American taxation - worth 1170 NIS
6. Join the Investor Community - Priceless!

 The value of the package is NIS 54,774

Plan structure

The program consists of three main parts:


In this section, you will learn how to manage a remote control property: from opening a company and a bank account, through building a local team in the US, to transferring the money back to Israel, and the subject of taxation.


You will receive a full personal escort throughout the process until you purchase the property. Whether it is an auction, or a private seller, whether it is for rental (monthly income) or renovation and sale (capital increase).


In this section you will get all the knowledge needed to reach the best deal for you. It starts with selecting the state, city and neighborhood, and proceeds through an in-depth and detailed property analysis, and finding the most lucrative deal.

Details of lessons

Lesson Number 1 - Frontal

Lesson 1 - Introduction

* Why real estate? * Why the United States? * What does it take to invest in US real estate? * What is the ultimate goal of the program (what did I get out of it)?

Lesson number 2

Lesson 2 - How to choose where to invest

* First of all - what amount we have to spend * for what buyers need * State / country selection criteria * City selection criteria * Neighborhood selection criteria * Opening LLC

Lesson number 3

Lesson 3 - What a good deal it is for you

* What types of assets are there * What are we focusing on and why * How to calculate a return (true) * How to know what the monthly rent is * What are the annual expenses of the property * Using the sites * How to choose the desired deal

Lesson number 4

Lesson 4 - Property Diligence

* Initial asset filtering * Transaction viability (as we learned in Lesson 3) * Critical asset disqualification points * Due Diligence process

Lesson Number 5 - Frontal

US Taxation and Asset Filtering (Buy & Hold)

* Special lecture on US taxation * Property filtering after due diligence

Lesson number 6

Lesson 6 - Tax Lien / Tax Deed

* What is TL / TD * What is due * Auction

Lesson number 7

Lesson 7 - Buy, Fix & Sell

* Finding the right property for the type of purchase - what are you looking for? * Supply / What is the current supply for sale? * How fast are you selling? / DOM * Calculate or find the value of the property in the market after renovation / MKV * Estimate / Estimates * Recalculate transaction viability: Maximum purchase price

Lesson Number 8 - Frontal

Tender due diligence (Auction)

Checking out more properties and choosing the best property - auction in the county

Lesson number 9

Lesson 9 - Contract

* How to Build a Standard Contract * (Inspection (contingency * Title Insurance) * Proof of funds

Lesson number 10

Lesson 10 - Standard Purchase Process (from Contract Signature to Asset Receipt)

* Closing Company * Offer - Signatures (Contract + Attachments) + Down payment * Inspection * Title Search & Survey * HUD1 * Transfer Balance to Trustee * Closing Day - Keys * Insurance + Management * Transfer Rent to Bank Account

Lesson number 11

Lesson 11 - Auction Purchase Process (What are the Differences)

* Closing Company * Offer - Signatures (Contract + Attachments) + Down payment * Inspection * Title Search & Survey * HUD1 * Transfer Balance to Trustee * Closing Day - Keys * Insurance + Management * Transfer Rent to Bank Account

Lesson Number 12 - Frontal

Frontal meeting on asset management and finance

* Special lecture on international money transfers * Team Building: Buying / Selling Closing Company, Management, Renovation, Insurance, CPA, Advocate, Bank, Gardener * Buying + Sale / Broker * Closing Company * Management / Managment * Renovation + Gardener / Handyman / Rehab Crew * Insurance / Insurance * Accountant / CPA * Attorney / Lawyer * Bank / Bank

Lesson number 13

Lesson 13 - Junk assets

* what is it Anyway? * Where to find spam assets? * How to find pearls * Where's the money?

Lesson Number 14 - Frontal

Investor Recruitment

* Where to find an investor * Building a business plan * Proper presentation of the transaction * Legal documents

Lesson number 15

The renovation!

* What are the main clauses * Types of materials * What is used and where * The cost of labor * Quotations and payments

Lesson Number 16 - Frontal

Graduation meeting !!!

Graduation party and awarding certificates
#CreativityCompared Post 3 from 5 - Seller Needs Identification In 2011 I purchased ...

October Cycle 2019:

Start date 26 in September.
The program is being run on a special members site that will only be accessible to program participants.
In addition - participants will have access to a secret group on Facebook.

Frontal lessons (6) will be held in the evening in the center area
An announcement of hours and exact location will be sent to participants during the program.

Very excited for you towards the beginning of the process !!!


Free Real Smart Subscription for 6 Months!

Real Estate Club - Real Smart Subscription

What is a Real Smart Website subscription?

1. Real Estate Napadia - The real estate encyclopedia that includes hundreds of entries
2. Over 500 real estate files - Excel for calculation, files for starting a company, presentations and more.
3. Online calculators to calculate yield, BRRR and more.
Dozens of educational videos and access to interviews of a panel of real estate experts!
5. The investment arena that enables property advertising and automatically locates properties from around the Internet
6. All content is translated into more than 12 languages ​​- Russian, Arabic, Chinese and more.


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