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Or Kitchin - Produces economic wealth through US real estate investment

Hi, my name is Or Kitchen and I allow you to earn more salary through real estate in the USA.
Another salary you will enter into your bank account regardless of your working hours, because for that salary, your money works, and not you.
Whoever comes out to work for this salary is your money, while you can do things you really love.

US real estate investment course

Or and Yaniv have been investing in the US since 2015 and now after a considerable amount of transactions, can pass on their experience and teach investors something about right investments, mistakes along the way, proper conduct in real estate investments and in general, what it is like to be a real estate entrepreneur in the US.

General Information:

Course start:

Completion of the course:

Hours: Each session 10.00-14.30

Course description:

During the course we will discover how to be a real estate entrepreneur in the USA.

We will learn about:

  • Choice of investment market and its in-depth investigation
  • Establish a local work team
  • Investigation of a deal - the house itself and the surrounding area
  • Find deals below market price
  • Purchase process
  • Renovation and work with contractors
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Work with management companies
  • Taxation and financing

And by and large - fulfill the dream.


  • Understand the processes of buying real estate in the United States
  • Build a portfolio of rental properties to generate a monthly passive cash flow.
  • Making flip deals.

During the course:

We will run the Watsap Group for questions, and in addition Light and Yaniv will be available to help with any issue.


* -76 sessions.

* During the course we will host guest lecturers who will tell us about flips, financial management, taxes in the US and in Israel and more.

- Why are you here?
- Why are we doing this?
- Investor profile
- Investment strategies
- General knowledge about real estate in the USA
- Parameters for selecting an investment area

- What is a COMPS?
Investigation of property via the Internet
Live interrogation in class
Purchasing process
Yield Calculator
Establishment of a work team - continued

Working with management companies
Advanced Topic - Self Management

Exploring the selected area according to the Internet
Investigation by people in the field
Live interrogation in class
- Finding trades below the market price
Establishment of a work team - continued
Live Cooling

Working with contractors
- renovation
Focus on Flip
- Risk Management

Property maintenance
- Funding
- taxation

Our guides

Orr Kichin - Bsmart

Even a journey of a thousand miles, begins with one small step "
Investing in real estate is not just about buying an investment property. This is every person's first step towards economic freedom.

And what is economic freedom actually?
This financial freedom cuts off your dependency on your paycheck, your employer, your hours of work.
Economic freedom means that money enters the bank account, even when you work less, even when you are on vacation, and also in case you stop working.
Economic freedom is a passive income.

Yaniv Berliner

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