Project X - Robert Shemin - Intro Package at a Discount!

Thanks for your interest in the Intro package! Now you're an armistice

Intro package = Introduction to Project X,
The only comprehensive real estate program in Israel,
Providing a complete response to entrepreneurship,
Investing and creating a profitable real estate business

The intro package includes:

1 Conference

Real Estate with a Practical Method - Entrepreneurship with Robert Shemin (worth NIS 197)


2 Workshop

Practical - "Trading Room" with Robert Shemin
And the Israeli training team (worth NIS 497)

we started! Intensive Test Drive 6 hours
With Robert Shamin and the Israeli training team you will have access
Behind the scenes of "How to really do it"
* We have 3 events like this with only 100 places in each

Sunday 22 September 16-22 - SOLD OUT
Tuesday 24 September 16-22- SOLD OUT
Wednesday 25 September 12-18
Herods Hotel, Tel Aviv

3. Online training program

“Get Rich With Robert”
(Worth 497 NIS)

An instant bonus to get you in the head of an entrepreneur

The program consists of 52 video lessons
Recorded by Robert Shemin on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship and Business
* With Hebrew subtitles

Robert Shemin, an international real estate investment expert and economic commentator on CNN and Fox News is coming to Israel!

The best-selling author 'How is it that this idiot is rich and I am not' arrives in Israel on time. In the Intro package Robert will give audience participants exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the real estate investment world. Will reveal the quick route to generating real estate income, without equity and without leaving your current occupation, using a proven method

The whole package is now pre-registered

 The price of the package - NIS1191

Pre-registration Card Price:

NIS 397 per person 597 NIS per couple

Regular ticket price:
497 ₪ per person 697 NIS per couple

To learn how you too can generate real estate income without equity to armor your place now click on the box below:

Here's what you're about to get in this unique intro package:

A Practical Conference for Real Estate Revenue

A luxurious and pampering Friday morning at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv, where you will receive the built-in method
Which allowed Robert Shaman to move from a reality of debt to over 1000 assets in 7 countries.

4 hours of pure real estate content that brings results from the field and will teach you exactly
What you need to know to start generating real estate income even if you do not have equity from home
And without having to leave the workplace.

The conference includes an alumni panel on the stage, real-world transaction analysis and a wealth of profits

"Test Drive" Experiencing the Real Thing!

A closed and limited boutique event where you will experience 6 intense hours of "Test Drive" with Robert Shemin and the Israeli training team and you will get behind-the-scenes access to "How to Really Make Real Estate". This is exactly the opportunity to take what you learned at the 'Test Drive' conference and experience from the inside what a practical trading day looks like in Robert Shemin's unique method.

We are preparing for you an unforgettable event with rare real estate content, an opportunity to watch live conversations
Of Robert Abroad and How He Forms Initial Connections Overseas,
You'll win Analyze yourself Real deals (come with laptops)
And of course you will get to know the Israeli training team closely, ask whatever comes to mind
About the field and you will get a rare glimpse into a project plan X The prestigious.

In the 'trading room' you will be exposed to Robert's unique method, the method that allows you
To conduct oneself in the real estate world as a successful entrepreneur.

A method that basically explains that real estate cannot be done without capital,
but Definitely Can I do Without the capital שלך.
During the conference we will talk about the main ways to engage in the field without equity.

And a bonus with [instant] access to a training program - "Get Rich With Robert"

A hands-on practical practice program based on the best-selling "How is it that this idiot is rich and I am not !?" Among other things, we will learn in practice: building the right business mindset, entrepreneurial conduct, wealth awareness, changing limiting beliefs, creating an action plan for economic freedom, adopting the habits of the rich, creating ownership of income-producing assets and much more. The program consists of 52 video lessons with Robert , With Hebrew subtitles, (including tasks to implement), step-by-step, to enable the construction of a proper mental and physical infrastructure for a profitable real estate business.
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