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The 2 things to look for in order to choose a good investment area from all over the US?

The 2 things to look for in order to choose a good investment area from all over the US?

How to manage renovation and sale, without flying? Including pictures before and after, and how much profit there was at the end of the deal.

How to choose a trustworthy management company that can be trusted and handled as a tenant and property properly

And here are some club members telling about their great success

Rafi Mizrahi's Real Estate Course - Deal Maker

Come and study 7 lessons with a close and experienced entrepreneur with extensive experience and receipts in the field, a course that encompasses the entire investment cycle in the United States - online and offline!

Syllabus US Real Estate Course - Dealer Maker - Rafi Mizrahi

Create high and stable income Properties in the US

What will you get out of the course?

4 has clear benefits that are obtained through the process of Rafi Mizrahi's work:


Personal response to questions

In addition to the active Facebook group, throughout the investment process you can ask Rafi's staff questions on the phone with any questions and they will help you. Bottom line either you will succeed or you will succeed. Connecting to investors from previous cycles - a community that supports and helps each other. Once you have selected an area, we make a connection between you and students who are in your investment area and have already researched and lived it, so that they can help you progress to success and a safe place where you can also help future students, and also produce collaborations together.

Our Commitment to You:

Anyone who does all the course tasks within 3 months of the course is the owner of a home in the US that generates a high passive income.

Checking the viability of a transaction

We review your transaction together and give you notes and guidance on progressing on your own property, so there is always someone with you who confesses that you are making the right actions and decisions.

The Facebook group is closed

Joining the Facebook group with all the students of the course, the group has "Live" (live broadcasts) with our experts and answers questions by Rafi Mizrahi and past students and other people who are in the process just like you.

Deal Maker System

A course that will teach you how to generate high income yourself, save on the way, and replicate over and over for more assets

How is the course structured?

7 hours of 4.5 hours (35 hours)

Why register? To :

  • Enter the world of real estate in the US quickly out of knowledge and method
  • Duplicate my method of success to your success 
  • Buy properties below the market price 
  • Get profits of more than 10% yield per year on each property
  • Increase your passive income and your invested capital 
  • Understand how much the management company makes
  • Learn what additional expenses apply to the property owner
  • Selling the property - how to do it right


Deal Maker's offline and online real estate course!

Offline + Online Course!

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Comprehensive real estate investment course

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