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Discount coupon for Danny Beit Or's excellent excel for rent analysis



17.5 Discount Coupon Percentage of Dani Beit Or's Excellent Excels for Rental Property Analysis

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Rental Properties Analysis [Excel File + Tutorial] [Version 4]

This is the Excel File for Rental Properties Analysis. Version #4

Note: In any order from the site you will always receive the excel in its most up-to-date version, even if the version number on Dany's website shows a more up-to-date version.

This package includes:

  1. Video tutorial on how to analyze and how to use the excel
  2. PDF file of the video
  3. In Excel version (Basic or Plus or Premium)


"Thanks for all of your help for me to get the Excel program downloaded. I really love it… .so easy!"


Tutorial Preview

Excel YouTube Tutorial

Make sure you watch the relevant video on how to use and benefit from this Excel File.

 Screen Shots

Tab 1 - Analysis Summary

Tab 1 - Analysis Summary


Tab 2 - Compare

Tab 2 - Compare


Tab 3 - Brochure

Tab 3 - Brochure


Tab 4 - Amortization


Tab 5 - Sale Analysis

Tab 5 - Sale Analysis


Tab 6 - General Notes


Tab 7 - Analysis Engine

Tab 7 - Analysis Engine



Facebook Live Preview

Excel YouTube Tutorial

normal price:


Analysis Summary
Sale Analysis
Amortization Schedule
Compare Properties
Analysis Engine
One-time Fairy $ 27.50 $ 44.50 $ 144.50

Special prices for forum real estate club members:

17.5 Percent off All Excels!

The basic Excel - instead of $ 27.5, only $ 22.5!
Excel Plus - instead of $ 44.5, only $ 36.7!
Excel Premium - Instead of $ 144.5, only $ 119.2!

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  • The forum's responsibility for receiving the service and not for the quality of the service - for example, we are not responsible if the Excel you received does not match your expectations. We will do our best to intervene in your favor to make sure you are satisfied but ultimately the responsibility is on yours and the supplier's and you must make sure the quality of the excel you get with the supplier and that it matches your expectations.



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