Discount for a tax report or advice from accountant Ido Neumann, an expert in Israeli taxation


Discount coupon for report or tax advice with accountant Ido Neumann, Israeli taxation expert



Discount Coupon for Tax Report with Accountant Ido Neumann, Israeli Taxation Specialist

The coupon will allow you to work with an accountant who is an expert on Israeli tax reports

From accountant Ido Neumann:

I'm an accountant and financial planner, and as far as I'm concerned, it's a combination of the material and the spirit.

As an accountant for self-employed companies and investors, I give the professional answer in terms of taxation, economic conduct in the business, analysis and broad vision.

As a personal financial planner I tailor people a customized financial plan that leads them

To realize dreams, goals and personal and family needs.

The ability to connect to solutions tailored to the nature and needs of investment, pension and insurance, and the legal issues in the family unit, and to see how it all fits together, the ability to be the client's right hand in all economic and legal matters in his life, the ability and experience to analyze his current situation and development in the coming years, The whole picture as a whole and all its details.

For me, the client is a family. My loyalty to him and his highest quality of vision is a supreme value for me, while providing uncompromising and professional accompaniment, and 360 service.

In purchasing this coupon, we will refer you to an accountant who will give you a discount in the tax report. For example, in a tax report for an employee with 3 investments, regular price: NIS 1400 (about $ 388), your price for the tax report will be only NIS 1300 (about $ 361). Your price as a member of the Real Estate Club will be NIS 100 less than a regular report. (The coupon costs NIS 200 ($ 55) and the balance, NIS 1100, you will pay to our authorized supplier) In practice, the discount you receive is NIS 100 from the cost of the report in the first year. We take care of you after the purchase - When purchasing a coupon on a real estate website and for that matter, we guarantee that you will receive the service offered * - We only choose reliable suppliers that we know personally and that we know have satisfied customers. If for any reason the provider has failed to provide the service to your satisfaction, your money will be refunded. Also a provider who will consistently receive complaints about his work, the same authorized provider will stop receiving referrals from the forum and therefore this provider has an interest in providing you with the service to the best of his ability and to your satisfaction. After the purchase, you will receive a unique code that you will need to provide to the supplier. After providing the code, the supplier will give you the discount. The discount is given only to members of the real estate club who purchased the coupon through the club and passed a unique code to the supplier - the supplier will make sure that the code is in his code list before the discount is given. When you purchase the service, you earn 550 Biber Quins, which you can use for future purchases on the site and raise your rank on the site to a huge degree and entrepreneur. Successfully!
  • Responsibility of the forum for the service and not the nature of the service - for example we are not responsible if the property you received does not meet your expectations, if the roof is leaking, if the tenant is not nice, etc. We will do everything we can to intervene in your favor to make sure you are satisfied but ultimately the responsibility is on you and the supplier and you must ensure the nature of the property you receive and that it meets your expectations.


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