Simulator Course - Real Estate Investment Workshop - 17.5 percent discount for forum members - Danny Beit Or


Discount coupon for Danny Beit Or's 'simulator' workshop - Real Estate Investment Base Workshop - 36 English lessons by Danny Beit Or - Simply Do It



Discount coupon for Danny Beit Or's 'simulator' workshop - Real Estate Investment Base Workshop - 36 English lessons by Danny Beit Or - Simply Do It

The course is an English real estate investment course in the United States.

In this course, your instructor, Dani Beit-Or, will teach you everything from how to prepare to purchase your property, to how to create a strategy for successfully managing multiple properties as your portfolio grows; essential information for anyone

Course plan:

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    • Fundamentals
    • Fundamentals - Video
    • Fundamentals - Audio
  • 3
    Prep Work
    • Prep Work
    • Prep Work - Video
    • Prep Work - Audio
  • 4
    Selecting A Property
    • Selecting a Property - Part A
    • Selecting a Property - Part B
    • Selecting A Property - Part A - Video
    • Selecting A Property - Part B - Video
    • Selecting a Property - Audio
    • Analysis Excel
  • 5
    Making An Offer
    • Making An Offer - Video
    • Making an Offer - Audio
    • One to Four Family Residential Contract
    • Sample Inspection Report
    • Sample HUD Closing Statement
    • 03 Sample Appraisal
  • 6
    Post Closing
    • Post Closing - Video
    • Post Closing - Audio
    • Sample Property Management Agreement
    • SampleLease with Interest
    • Sample Property Management Statement
    • Sample Mortgage 1098 for Tax Return
    • Sample Property Management form 1099 for Tax Return
  • 7
    Bonus Information: Motivational, Inspirational & Overcoming Obstacles Videos
    • About Bonus Material
    • Video 1: What's Holding You Back - Ways to Overcoming Obstacles
    • Video 2: Types of Role Models You Need In Your Life
    • Video 3: Why I Love Your Job More Than You And What It Does To Do With Real Estate Investing
    • Video 4: 7 Most Asked Questions by Investors - Answered
    • Video 5: My Past Main Mistakes As A Real Estate Investor
    • Video 6: Boring Renal is SEXY - Here's Why
    • Video 7: Most Common Mistakes Investors Make When Investing

Regular Price: 850 USD.

Special prices for forum real estate club members:

17.5 percent off the course - $ 701 only!

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