Discount coupon for Rafi Mizrahi's offline real estate course + online deal maker


Discount coupon for Rafi Mizrahi's real estate course - Deal Maker - NIS 500 discount + Real Smart subscription as a gift!



Rafi Mizrachi - Deal Maker

Discount coupon of NIS 500 for the offline + online real estate course of Rafi Mizrahi - Deal Maker - exclusively for real estate club members and for that matter!

Discount of NIS 500 for the course - a special price for members of the Real Estate Club and for that matter + a gift from us - a Real Smart subscription as a gift!

Special Bonus: Downloading a coupon through the forum site will give you access to the course content at the end!

The coupon will enable you to learn 7 lessons with an experienced and experienced entrepreneur with extensive experience and admissions in the field, a course that covers the entire investment cycle in the United States

By downloading this coupon, we will send you a unique discount code for Rafi Mizrahi's course - Discount of ILS 500!

Syllabus US Real Estate Course 2019 - Deal Maker - Rafi Mizrahi

Create high and stable income Properties in the US
What will you get out of the course?
  • You will get to know the real estate in the US in depth   
  • You can invest in properties in the US   
  • You can buy properties below the market price 
4 has clear benefits that are obtained through the process of Rafi Mizrahi's work:
  • Opening a door to the world of real estate in the US out of knowledge and method
  • Duplicate his method of success
  • Buying a property at least 10% below the market price 
  • Profit of more than 10% yield per year on each property
  • Increasing the passive income and the invested capital 
  • Shorten the learning curve and reach in the shortest time the highest economic results - up to 3 months
  • Purchase properties at low prices and market equities to allow you to earn already in Kenya
  • Control the US real estate investment process
The real estate market in the United States - Map - Rafi Mizrahi
So what does Rafi Mizrahi's plan include?
  • Offline Micro System System Course + Online 7 Hours of 4.5 Hours (35 Hours)
  • Practical training that leads you from zero real estate knowledge to generate income from real estate property in the US through income-producing transactions or exit transactions in just 90 days in a concentrated manner and only the practical knowledge needed.
Raffi Mizrahi - Deal Maker - 1
Raffi Mizrahi - Deal Maker - 4
Raffi Mizrahi - Deal Maker - 2
Checking the viability of a transaction  We review your transaction together and give you comments and guidance To progress to your own asset, so you always have to admit that you are making correct decisions and actions. The Facebook group is closed Join the Facebook group with students of all courses, the group has "live" (live broadcasts) with our experts and answers to questions by Rafi Mizrahi and past students and other people who are in the process just like you. Personal response to questions In addition to Facebook group activities, along Every investment process you can ask the staff of Rafi, questions on the phone Any questions will help you. Bottom line or you will succeed or succeed. Connection to investors from previous cycles - A community that greets and helps one another.  After you have chosen an area, we make a connection between you and the students who are in your investment area and have already researched and lived it, So that they can help you progress to success and a safe place that you can also be helped by the following students, And will be able to produce collaborations together. Deal Maker System   A course that will teach you how to create high income yourself, Save commissions on the way and replicate repeatedly to more properties Our commitment to you: Who performs all the course tasks, while 3 חודשים From the end of the course He owns a home in the United States that generates a high passive income. And there are those who buy a house already in90 First days. How is the course structured? 7 hours of 4.5 hours (35 hours) Encounter 1: Mindset, Great Picture and Target Personal Investment
  • The mindset of serial investors succeed
  • Understanding how the US market operates 
  • How to control the investment process without flying 
  • Set an income target and increase personal capital to 90 day and 3 years
  • Building you a personal investment strategy
2 Meeting: Choosing your area and investment strategy
  • Get tools on how to identify an investment zone in growth And focus on a country, an area, and choosing a neighborhood to find an asset.
  • Choosing the method that works for your needs:
    • Buy and Hold To a fixed monthly income
    • Fix & Flip High profits and increased equity
  • For those who have no initial capital - How to get financing and from where to invest even without starting capital
Encounter 3: You've built a strong team in the field 
  • How to recruit professionals who work hard and do everything For the success of your investment
  • You will receive "copy paste" call scripts exactly what to ask, To locate a winning team
  • Finding professionals and building staff in the field
  • How to generate A mechanism that keeps you in business all the time
  • Building relationships and business relationships 
  • Buy below the market price Smart methods To locate Transactions and / or sellers, who want to sell now and want to sell you below the market price (so even if you sell immediately you made a profit)
  • Striving to close a deal
Encounter 4: Analyze Live Transactions
    • Mapping the area with the help of transactions 
    • The method to find out what the real price of the property (What is listed on the web sites is not always true)
    • Work right in front of wholesalers
    • Tools and strategies for submitting a bid below the market price
    • Transaction Analysis - Cross-field information  
    • Locating a transaction at a price below the market price 
Meeting 5: due diligence
  • How to verify what the real state of the property without flying Have a quieter day 2 critical points for negotiations and lowering property price twice
  • How to make sure you buy property without having debts and liens
  • Double checking the condition of the property and then planning the renovation that will be easy to rent
  • Evaluate the price for a renovation, even before buying, so you know what to expect
  • Purchase Contracts - Understand and emphasize contracts and mines and minimize risks
  • Transfer the property in your name (congratulations!)
6 Meeting: Risk Management + Smart Renovation
  • Actual renovation management - working with contractors
  • Receive suggestions for renovations 
  • Process control and renovation budget
  • Taxes and bureaucracy
7 Meeting: Companies managing / selling property + advanced investment methods
  • Buy and hold - How to pull Reliable Hire And that are paid on time
  • Locating A reliable management company that you can count on - Get call scenarios, with filtering questions, make sure you choose a management company that will give you a quiet head.
  • "Management method”- How to properly manage the property, your staff and the management company remotely and smoothly
  • Fix & Flip  - The secret to how to sell the property at maximum price 
  • Unveiling Advanced US Real Estate Investment Methods and Strategies That Generate Double-Digit Yields
  • How can you continue to invest even after the money runs out?
  • How can you leverage and maximize existing assets?
Recommendations and students you can talk to:

Michael Brieger - 052-4291482

Michael Breiger - Course Rafi Mizrahi

Moshe Arpanian - 050-2166677

Michael Breiger - Course Rafi Mizrahi

Michael Brieger - 052-4291482

Why register? To :
  • Enter the world of real estate in the US quickly out of knowledge and method
  • Replicate my success method to your success 
  • Buy properties below the market price 
  • Get profits of more than 10% yield per year on each property
  • Increase your passive income and your invested capital 

The only one who can stop you from success is you - let's learn:

  • How much the management company earns
  • Additional expenses that apply to the owner of the property
  • Selling the property - how to prove it right

Your discount as a Real Estate Club member and for that matter will be NIS 500 discount off any price you receive directly from Murphy Mizrahi!

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How To Make Money From US Real Estate Without Equity?

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