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Coupon for discounts from Home Depot for renovations!

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Hello friends,
As part of the management of the forum and the community, we are able to speak with quite a few entrepreneurs who are happy to help you with the processes you are going through. We contacted a seasoned entrepreneur that he says:
So after many years of working closely with Home Depot (and a lot of money) we were able to reach a special agreement with Home Depot - in which they set us a fixed discount on the products we chose. The discounts are very significant (!) And will save us all a lot of money in the coming years. We have decided, in collaboration with Lior and the group, to allow all of you, for free, to use the special price list in every project you do from now on. So how does it actually work? Anyone who wants to use the special price list that will add the coupon to the cart is free, and after completing the free "purchase", will have access to download the price list file of Home Depot products, which also includes the developer's contact information. The procedure is quick and easy without distraction.
Who is it for? If you are looking to purchase a gift lamp for your tenant, you probably should not bother the developer for that, but if you are doing a flip or a serious upgrade to your property, or looking for new electrical appliances for the property such as refrigerator, oven, microwave, etc. you can save considerable sums! These are discounts that Home Depot gives to "heavy" customers who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on purchases! If you're interested in what the entrepreneur is getting out of it? We asked at Home Depot and not too much - they do not get money back from the purchases or referral fee - but since they will continue to receive better and better benefits that you can enjoy in the future as well. We promise to update the benefits file on the site, so it is recommended to "purchase" the coupon every six months to see if the file has been updated with new discounts. This is by the way the reason we give this benefit without commission to the forum - if the entrepreneur does not make money, neither do we. What does the forum get out of this? Great question - first thing as the lovable entrepreneur, our goal is to develop and nurture our amazing community and always strive for Win Win for everyone! - For the entrepreneur, the forum and of course the community! Secondly, in order to receive the coupon, you sign up for the real estate discounts club and for that matter (those who are not yet registered) - and the more people who sign up, the more common power we will have to arrange more deals and discounts from selected providers! Successfully! We take care of you after the purchase - When purchasing a coupon on a real estate website and for that matter, we guarantee that you will receive the service offered * - We only choose reliable suppliers that we know personally and that we know have satisfied customers. If for any reason the provider has failed to provide the service to your satisfaction, your money will be refunded. Also a provider who will consistently receive complaints about his work, the same authorized provider will stop receiving referrals from the forum and therefore this provider has an interest in providing you with the service to the best of his ability and to your satisfaction. The coupon is only available to members of the real estate club who downloaded the file through the website.

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When you download the coupon, you earn 50 Biber Quins, which you can use for future purchases on the site and raise your rank on the site to a giant degree and entrepreneur. Join our hundreds of Real Estate Club members now: Successfully!
  • The consultants are not qualified consultants and the information provided is limited and any use of this information is solely the responsibility of the investor
  • Responsibility of the forum for the service and not the nature of the service - for example we are not responsible if the property you received does not meet your expectations, if the roof is leaking, if the tenant is not nice, etc. We will do everything we can to intervene in your favor to make sure you are satisfied but ultimately the responsibility is on you and the supplier and you must ensure the nature of the property you receive and that it meets your expectations.


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