I just fired a client!
For some reason he thought it's okay to be sneaky and manipulative towards us and our teams.
He did try to make some excuses, but this is the third time this kind of behavior happened.
While nothing in his behavior was illegal it still missed the point of building long-term relationship.
I even asked him if we did anything wrong, did you ever cheated him, or have not been always fully honest and truthful with him. His answer was we were always honest, truthful, and a good resource for his success. And added that he would never invest in other state real estate if it wasn't for us opening is mine and showing him it can be done.
I'll be very honest, we are not perfect but we are both good at what we do and we care a great deal about our clients' success. Our clients' success it is what drives us.
But if someone thinks they can play dirty games that affect both of us and our teams – that is not acceptable.
I have informed this client that from this day forward he's off our list and will not receive any of our normal and insiders offerings . . . And wished him all the best.
By the way I did tell him that on anything that he did purchase through us in the past we will continue to support him, but only on something that was purchased through us.

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