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    For many travelers among the first things they certainly, after they get to Vietnam to get a holiday, is rent a bicycle. Cheap, and easily accessible, they may be a sensible way to get around and discover the sights of the nation. Many shops offer motorbikes services, for nothing but a couple of dollars per day. However, there are many very important items you should think about prior to deciding to rent a bike in Vietnam.

    1. Perhaps you have driven in Vietnam before? For many people this is the very first time in driving in a Asian country, for example Vietnam. They may be unused for the road rules, and so many people drive as they would in the home. They’re unaware that dangers lurk around every corner. In Vietnam it isn’t uncommon to possess traffic weaving inside and outside, or not stop at traffic lights or junctions. It is normal to get traffic approach yourself an unacceptable side with the road, sometimes without having lights on. Undertaking (overtaking for the right hand side) while illegal within the EU, is normal in Vietnam. And, unfortunately, drink driving is a kind of occurrence in the nation and is the reason a large proportion our prime death toll while travelling.

    2. How experienced have you been over a motorbike? Many people are novice motorcyclists, and some have never ridden before in any respect. This will make you doubly vulnerable, not only since you do not know how to handle a motorbike, but additionally as you are not familiar with driving in Thai traffic either. It pays to execute a short motorcycle proficiency course prior to leaving home, so you already know the fundamentals. It might not enable you to if you hit a patch of sand on the road (perhaps the most common reason behind a great deal of motorbike accidents in Vietnam), as is also driving too rapidly, however it will assist you to become more confident also to ride towards the conditions from the road.

    3. Will be your motorbike roadworthy? Most of the motorbike rentals are certainly not in the roadworthy condition if they are hired out. Unfortunately there is little change regard for maintenance, of course, if something goes wrong you may be in serious trouble. Always perform a full check with the vehicle you’re just about to hire, before agreeing to rent it. Examine carefully the treat on the tires and look if your bike has enough oil inside. If the bike does incur any damage whilst you have it, you may be liable, and you may must pay an inflated rate for just about any repairs.

    4. Just how can be your helmet? Unfortunately the helmet law just isn’t enforced in Vietnam, and thus most people don’t wear protective helmets if they’re driving their bikes. Rental companies will often hand you a cheap, thin, plastic helmet that may do nothing at all in case of an accident. Remember, your brain is quite fragile, and you will incur serious brain injuries in a accident, even at slow speeds. Should you be renting a motorbike, invest in buying your own personal helmet. Help it become DOT compliant, and done up tightly enough that in case of a car accident it does not slip off. Many people die in bike accidents that could be prevented with the right protective headgear.

    5. Are you currently insured? Many individuals take out holiday insurance, but few understand that many organisations don’t insure you if you are in the motorbike accident. Look at fine print and make certain that you will be covered if you intend to book a motorcycle as hospital bills might be expensive!

    Don’t ruin your holiday having an unnecessary motorbike accident. Too many people end up in hospital as a result of hiring bikes in Vietnam, and several wish they had just hired taxis instead. If you’re not employed to driving a bike, create learn how to drive in Vietnam, learn in your own home. Stay safe and have a memorable holiday for the right reasons.

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