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Land Sounds Boring? – Let’s check! – Entrepreneur of the Week – Yossi Beit Yosef – Post 2

# Entrepreneur of the week Yossi Beit Yosef # Post 2
Land sounds boring? – Let’s check!

– “The land for immediate construction?”
– Is the land thawed for construction?
– “Is the land intended for construction?”

– “So what can be done with the land?”
– “I’m glad you’re asking – why did you not ask this question as a first question?

Most Israeli investors / entrepreneurs ask the same questions from a worldview that land is intended for construction only
-This is of course a wrong worldview.

I’m sure there are people here in the audience who have never been interested in the subject of land out of another misconception
“There is no current income from land – it’s not like rented apartments” –
-is that so ?
Probably some of you are rolling your eyes – “What can you get a monthly income from land?”

Let’s see what can be done with land?
The land industry is a huge niche in itself and is also the basis for any type of real estate on earth, in fact every one of you who has ever bought real estate of any kind also paid for a relative share in the value of the transaction determined by the value of the land
So no matter how we look at it we are all “land buyers”

What are lands used for?
– Civil construction – residential + commercial (this is what I call “traditional real estate”) and most of you are engaged in the field of residence (multi despite being considered commercial – belongs to the residential category) Some of you are engaged in commercial real estate (hotels, nursing homes, commercial centers , Offices, storage, mobile home parks, etc.)
– Public construction – public institutions, internships, schools, kindergartens, etc.…
– Construction of infrastructure and transportation – roads, trains, airports, bridges, etc.…
Minerals, mines and natural resources
– Crops – Fields and orchards (fruits and vegetables) – Farms in English Farms
Farm for agricultural products originating from cattle, sheep and other animals – Farm in English Ranch
– Forests – Growing Trees for Industrial Purposes (Unique Branch Known as Timberland)
In the United States, there are vast spaces that allow for different types of entertainment, which do not exist in the country and are not in our awareness as Israelis. In the US we can find hunters (a very strong industry) who hunt everything: pigs, ducks, deer and more… To this day I try to gently reject a colleague’s invitations to join him for pig hunting Lily
“You were in the IDF… I’m sure you’ll have success in hunting” ????
People go on fishing holidays on the shores of lakes and make a good living from the tent industry and rent the equipment or buy themselves a private piece of land that will be available to them whenever they want to relax and get out of the crowded city.
So just as there are real estate entrepreneurs, there are Restriction entrepreneurs who purchase or rent areas that allow them to operate various recreational facilities (kayaks, skiing, camping, etc …)

Hops and without noticing – we got an answer to the question – how can you generate a monthly income from land?
Operators of leisure facilities
One of my favorite ways to generate monthly income from land is by selling land using the “rent with option” / “owner financing” method.

About a little over 3 years ago I bought remote land in the Arizona steppe, the owners were heirs who did not know what to do with “this thing” that fell on them and they were happy to get rid of the land, the price I paid was about $ 500 for an area of ​​about 3 acres and I sold it Priced at about $ 11,000 in installments of $ 300 per month
Guess – how much was the down payment? … True $ 500!

I did not mess with tenants, I did not mess with repairs and the toilets did not break down in the middle of the night, I did not even get a single inflated bill of repairing a broken windshield from the management company.

All of the above types of land have owners, tenants and investors and any type of investment – requires comprehensive knowledge of the same industry
Here too, as in traditional real estate, there are strategies of purchase – improvement – development, maintenance or sale, flip or hall sale, however, as an entrepreneur who deals with land, I have a wider range of clients compared to traditional real estate entrepreneurs!


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