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Come hear the Lior Lustig - How I started investing in real estate

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This package of lectures was filmed and held as part of the professional conferences of the real estate company and the matter

1. Conference clip

2. Lior Lustig - Manager and owner of a real estate company and for that matter - how I got started in real estate + the opening lecture

Lior Lustig, the company's manager, tells a bit about himself, how he started in real estate, his first deal and what techniques he used to analyze the area he decided to start working in, how he managed to reduce purchase costs by NIS 50, what kind of sellers he was looking for and how he sold the apartment. In 100 percent increase in value within 7 months in the price of the apartment, and in 1000 percent (thousand percent) profit on the money invested - including unique ways of marketing, advertising, presentation of the apartment, unique selling techniques and other ideas of thinking outside the box during the third lesson of Cashflow College Profitable Real Estate Course. 

You are welcome to watch a video trailer!

3. Lior Lustig - Director and Owner of the United States Real Estate Forum - Multi-Family Investment Expert - Multi-Family Lecture - Advanced - # 1

 4. Keren Admoni - Lawyer with a law license in Israel and Florida - Legal aspects and "red flags" in the process of purchasing a property in the United States

An engaging and enriching lecture by attorney Karen Edmoni, who holds a Title Agent license, Assistant in Representation and Accompanying, previously lived in the United States and moved to Israel eight years ago, and has an office specializing in real estate transactions since 8. Keren attended the last real estate conference we held.

So what will you learn in the lecture - highlights
  • Ms. Admoni explains that the procedure is not like the procedure in Israel. She emphasizes the differences. In each country, a lawyer takes and negotiates and in the United States it is different. Mrs. Redmi explains that this is the case in the United States.
  • What is the meaning of the term? Title Insurance.
  • What an agreement As-Is Contract. There are 3-4 types - a liar goes over them and explains them
  • The Bar Association and the Bureau of Realtors update the laws - Keren also explains about this and the status of realtors in the United States versus Israel.
  • The transaction schedules and the role of the Title Agent and Title Company.
  • Closing times and how they are set In any type of transaction. Considering all kinds of conditions such as - soil quality. ground pollution.
  • There are critical things to be put to them like how to manage th Escrow And other conditions reported by a fund.
  • How to determine Inspection Period And what is important to pay attention to - the test period, and what is generally acceptable and what is important to do during this period.
  • What information is important and what you should get County And what is important to check. zoning and so.
  • What is Title.
  • What is Inspection and what is important to check out, Especially in countries like Florida that have specific problems and conditions that are important to review.
  • What is important to check onClosing costs And the various options and how to ensure that most of these costs will be on the seller.
  • Stamp duty and typing fees - what that means.
  • What applies to the seller and what applies to the buyer And what is the cost of the usual brokerage fees and who pays - and those who do not know can fall for it.
  • Proposals from the seller regarding defects in the structure, lead colors, defects, asbestos and other defects that the seller must declare.
  • What is important to check investment condominium - What does the house committee say in these transactions, the laws and what does it think to check and the number of difficult and chilling cases that caused the loss of the property and how to avoid - Fund explains what must be done in purchasing these properties such as rental laws, what is allowed and what is important to check.
  • Withholding tax - What are the laws for foreign residents. form 8288A - What does it mean and what percentage of the provision must be sent to the U.S. income tax to avoid a fine of a great deal of money.
  • What is property insurance and its importance in the purchase process
  • Which is analogous to the Israeli taboo in the United States
  • What is the industry Title Insurance and what does that mean
  • Importance of Lot Testing And how to do it and how to check the registration
  • How to type the bill and what taxes are stamped
  • Enjoyment rights, transitional rights, electricity infrastructure - is included? Very critical
  • When to take legal escort and when not
  • When to transfer ownership and when not In terms of debts and mortgage on the property
  • How to Make Debts on the Property and When to Close - Closing and how much the seller will eventually get after the debts
  • Registered liens - What is it and their importance and what does not look like municipal violations and other things that Keren details
  • What is a municipal hearing? And a case where a customer lost his house because of it
  • What is permite from the work and the importance of testing of open permite
  • Checking registered and unregistered liens - What does it mean and what is the importance of this test
  • What is form Hud1 And what's in it and what's important to make sure
  • Missy property taxes - what to make sure?
  • When to buy with partners and how to do it
  • What is Homestead
  • How to buy a married couple And be careful not to hurt the sale and avoid future costs
  • The beam provides a flow chart of closure and what is important to do when
  • For those who transfer the funds to prevent fraud cases Keren talks about such cases
  • How to make sure Teitel is real
  • Withholding tax of a foreign resident so that the fine will not fall on us
Summary of Keren's lecture:

5. Jonathan Lifshitz - Real Estate Investment Management Specialist - CEO of Celio Group - Leverage and Real Estate Group Management
6. Izzy Alon
7. Idan Shkedi


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