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The United States Real Estate Investment Forum has been established to provide investors and interested parties with professional information in the field of real estate investing in the United States. This field is perceived by many as complex, so the forum serves as a reliable source of knowledge and as a fertile ground for those who want knowledge, in order to make smart and profitable investments. In the forum you will meet an arena of experts in the field, who will provide you with reliable and professional information, news in the field and a variety of services and benefits for precipitation.

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Real Estate Encyclopedia - Information and guides for real estate investors in the US
100,000 $: What would you do?

100,000 $: What would you do?

Short Survey - Suppose you have $ 100,000 to buy a property. What would you prefer to do: 1. Buy a property for this amount. 2. Take American financing (mortgage) and buy a property say $ 300,000. 3. Take American financing (mortgage) and buy 2 properties, each for $ 150,000 (each with equity of $ 50,000 and the rest a loan). For that matter, the yield in each of the options is the same,…

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property tax

property tax

Post number 3 and today I want to talk about the quiet "partner" who enjoys your profits: the district - the property ceremony or in Hebrew the property tax. Which increases every year by a handsome percentage that the municipalities in the country can only envy in the Delta… As a result of the welcome increase in value in properties the district takes advantage of this to increase its profits by issuing a document in the middle of the year called preparation for annual tax. In the document…

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"Multi Family" Transactions

“Multi-Family” Transactions

Hi friends, you keep asking me questions about "multi-family" transactions. So in order for this knowledge to serve everyone and for everyone to benefit, from now on you are welcome to ask them here. Promise to answer?

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We've concluded a deal - what to do with the profit?

We've concluded a deal - what to do with the profit?

Post Thursday We finished a deal - what to do with the profit? Once we finish a deal, we are left (in aspiration) with the capital we have invested and with a profit. The question that is always asked is - what do we do now? Are you reinvesting everything? Do you enjoy the profit and invest only the initial capital? Divide between the two? I am in the attitude that if you do not have to (note - "must", do not "want")…

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Recommended real estate companies in the US from the Real Estate Companies Guide

Avertice - Avertice

About Us AVERTICE specializes in US real estate for Israeli investors. The company operates in 3 major states: North Carolina, Indiana and Tennessee. In every country the company has the teams, the people

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promissory note

Promissory note

Promissory Note at the request of some of the members here in posts and in private. A promissory note is one of the accepted and common securities in lease agreements to secure the lessee's obligations to

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The secret programs for forum members

Knowledge is power, so we are here to give you a little more… Real Estate Forum offers you professional knowledge and a variety of exclusive benefits. Choose the right package for you and enjoy pure real estate information and a variety of services that are essential to your investment!

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Real Estate Company helps investors in every basket of services to enable you to make a safe investment in real estate - learning Kabbalah calculators on Facebook and the site, registering for leading courses at a special discount, subscribing to the site (become a comprehensive real estate university, real estate files for transaction analysis , Calculators, transaction arena that is automatically updated from thousands of sites using the site and more), opening a bank account or company without the need for a flight, educational podcast, meetings with the community, guide real estate companies with expert companies, discounts on fees for selected developers, real estate events log Real estate, a social network for investors, renovated properties that come with a tenant and an American management company, discounts from accountants and lawyers, discounts at Home Depot for renovation, the best mortgage experts and banks that allow financing for foreign investors and more.

Guide to Real Estate Companies Includes information on dozens of real estate companies operating in the United States and can be found on the website and Facebook group. Forum members record their impressions and recommendations for each company.

Platinum companies are companies recommended by real estate and for that matter - companies that we know personally. These companies can not be seen in the membership directory and their logo is at the bottom of this page in the Collaborations area.

The site's content is automatically translated in a high-level natural translation into dozens of different sites - English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Dutch, French, German, Indian, Italian, Portuguese and more.

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  5. Choosing a premium course at a discount And a special benefit for members of the site from the leading companies

A real estate company is interested in the United States and is affiliated with the major real estate companies in the United States. In the US, it is common for investors to buy assets that are defined as turnkey assets. The advantage of these properties is that they come renovated, with a paying tenant, a payment history and the company that markets the properties also manages them, so this company has all the internet so the property will be good, a sought after area and a permanent lease.

We work with turnkey companies in all the hot markets of the United States so you can choose where you want to invest.

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Lior Lustig

Has three degrees and over 20 years of experience in the field of technology and real estate. Owner and director of a real estate company and for that matter - the operator of the successful real estate forum in the United States, which provides real estate services in the field of courses, mentoring, financing, transaction analysis and investment.

Eliran Zohar

Eliran Zohar is a real estate entrepreneur and expert - airbnb. With about a decade of experience behind him, Eliran is waiting to teach you how to triple your income through short-term rentals. All the tools, secrets and tips - from the base to the top.

Tal Levy

Tal Levy is a husband, father of three and holds a master's degree in health sciences from Ben-Gurion University, a professional certificate in real estate finance from New York University (NYU) and 13 years of experience in the field of real estate as a broker and investor in the United States.

Yaniv Berliner

Yaniv has been lending investors to single-family deals in Cleveland for many years. Yaniv is a senior lecturer at the University of Real Estate and has extensive experience in studying for those without experience in the field. He will accompany you personally through all stages of the process.

Nir Sheiban

Together with his wife Alexa - believe it or not she is a building contractor, Nir Scheinbein has set up an empire of flips in Texas, and everyone who follows them… sees that these guys are not resting for a moment! Let's learn from Nir how to make a flip from home

Danny Beit Or

Danny Beit Or Real Estate Investment Specialist, Lecturer and Mentor. Danny is currently considered a leader in residential real estate investments. For the past 16 years Danny has been a freelance real estate investor and is accompanied by real estate investors from around the world

Elia Flex

Ilya Champion in transaction analysis. Recently completes a deal of leveraging 14 properties, which he acquired in a short time and without financing. Elia makes real estate investments while he and his wife travel around the world, believing that our time is too precious to sell it for money.

Kitchen Light

Or has studied in depth everything related to American real estate and dived into the Indianapolis market as early as 2015. Or has made dozens of real estate transactions, including a number of income-producing properties for it and especially for investors who have purchased long-term investment properties and flip transactions through it.

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Our American business partners and prison asset management companies have joined the list of 5000 fastest growing companies in America Ltd. for the third year in a row!


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