Real Smart Partner Membership

Real Smart Partner Membership Includes all of the features of the Real Smart Membership and:

  1. A designed profile in our Real Estate Companies Directory

    A. Asher Turiel – Accountant
    B. Avertice – Real Estate Company

    The page will have a contact form and live links to your Facebook page, group, Site link for SEO, phone and email
    The page will also include information about you, examples of your transactions, marketing content about you and your work area, videos, your advertising video interview and full contact details including a live link to your site (assistant in website promotion – a live link to SEO!), A link to your Facebook page , Phone, email, etc.
    The page, like any other part of our site, is translated to 104 languages to get you customers world wide

    Your payment includes the cost of creating the page for free with 5 working hours included by our designers worth $250/Hour
    The page will be valid as long as your membership is valid.

  2. 24 hour of your banner as a platinum member with the link to your site’s company’s profile in our Facebook group
  3. You will get year round 365 days of a rotating banner on our site on the home page and internal blog pages to get thousands of views – the banner can link to your company page on our site or to your external site
  4. We will add your logo to our partners logo on our home page with a direct link to your site for SEO boost
  5. Advertising your company’s profile on our Facebook group and pin it to the top for 24 hours
  6. Offer a coupon on your Company’s Page and in our Online Investments Coupon Shop to offer members discount for joining an investment with your company in your areas of activity
  7. Free Entrance to Nadlan Expo (Worth $60) and a 15 Minutes Ted Style Expert Professional Lecture that you will conduct in our next Nadlan Expo Convention 
  8. Approval to place your marketing brochures and business cards on the front desk of the Expo for visitors to take
  9. Place your Rollup at the Expo entrance to attract visitors and for attendees to take picture with
  10. Your picture, logo & lecture summary in the Nadlan Expo speakers page
  11. Your picture in the main Nadlan Expo banner that will be advertised massively across our platforms and also placed in large dimensions for attendees to take picture with during the Expo
  12. Join a Facebook live Q&A at the end of the Expo
  13. Access to the registration list of Nadlan Expo – Full Name, Email, Phone Number
  14. You will get an edited version of your video lecture that will be shot by a professional videographer
  15. You will get a set of professional pictures of yourself speaking at the Expo
  16. Advertising your full video on our site on a post in our Facebook groups and as a post on the site (More then 30,000 registered to the site and 10,000 to the Facebook group)
  17. Add your video to the Nadlan Expo videos on our site for future generations to see
  18. We are conducting a survey after the Expo to the attendees – you will get the results
  19. Interview to our English Real Estate Entrepreneurs Podcast (More then 11,000 world wide subscribers)
  20. Advertise a video teaser on our Podcast to attract people to see the full video
  21. Advertise the full lecture video on our Podcast
  22. Add your video to our online Real Estate Encyclopedia for future generations to see
  23. Send your video and summary to our Nadlan Expo mailing list and our General Mailing List which has more then 30,000 members
  24. Advertise your Real Estate Events on our Site Events Calendar (Maximum 1 event per month)
  25. Advertise educational posts on our Site Blog with your contact information (Maximum 1 event per month)
  26. Post a summary of your lecture and pin it to the top for 24 hours in our Facebook group and a life time post on our site, translated to 104 languages
  27. Full Access to post Real Estate Deals year round to our community on our US States Deals Groups
  28. You will be able to join our prestigious affiliate marketing club and the opportunity to profit from advertising the club’s products – courses, mentoring, financing etc. for your clients.


Cost: One time preparation fee of $5000 which will also include the first 3 months of the subscription (Worth $1050)

Then $350/Month to maintain the rolling advertisements. Cancel any time.


A banner example to the banner that will be designed for you and posted at the top of our Facebook group and as a Facebook post:


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