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Selling a house in poor condition? What you need to know

Considering selling a home in poor condition?
Even in the best of times, selling a home is a time consuming, stressful and expensive process. Unfortunately, these problems only increase when you are selling a home in poor condition.
Fortunately, you are not alone. About 38% of the current housing supply was built before 1970 - meaning that these houses withstood at least five decades of decay, abrasion, wind, rain and sun.

If you are thinking of selling a home in poor condition, you have come to the right place. Keep reading for more information on the tips, tricks and key techniques you need to know when selling a home in poor condition.

Is it worth selling a home in poor condition?
Simply put, yes. Every year, thousands of homes are sold as they are, often in poor or really terrible condition. But what does it even mean to sell a house in bad condition or in bad condition?

For some homes, a bad situation can have one or more serious defects in the home, such as structural problems, weather damage, black mold or an active pest plague. However, for most drawings, poor condition tends to indicate something less dramatic - think of cosmetic defects, stained tiles, outdated moldings, peeling paint or a neglected backyard.

To help you determine if you are selling a home in poor condition, we have divided the term "poor condition" into three separate sub-categories.

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