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Interview with entrepreneur of the week - Vika Held-Kuzantsov - real estate investments in the United States

The real estate and interest podcast is proud to host Vika Held-Kuzantsov

Vika Held-Kuzantsov, 46 years old, divorced + 2 graduates of the Technion, with a PHD degree in biotechnology
More than a decade in senior positions in clinical research and regulation in the USA and Israel.
Investing in US real estate since 2020, has rentals and is in the process of flipping.
I recently went independent as a US real estate entrepreneur and investor lender

Very nice! What an honor to be on this platform to share my path! Many thanks to @Lior Lustig and @Avi Ben Mordechay!

This week I will mainly tell about my life path, thus I will illustrate the stages of personal development and how it is actually possible to change from one end to the other. Of course, my story will also include US real estate, which is an essential part of my life these days.

For simplicity, first define "concepts". 😊
I roughly divide my life so far into three main chapters:

Phase 1 is called the "cage race": I am married, a mother, a student/tenant, live in the city, Haifa area, later in Boston, USA. Very sensitive, offended and irritated easily, influenced by different people. I am not aware of any world except one, respectable by all accounts, which is a good basis for my curiosity and the desire to learn every day, the world of science and academia.
Financial management: tight, save up for a trip abroad once a year. The rest, waste with the "living today" approach! They avoid and even rule out options for bank or similar financing.
Length: 14 years

Step 2, which we will call "Opportunities": I am divorced, a mother, raising two children by myself, a tenant, living in a suburb in the north, working around the clock, enjoying the hustle and bustle because by virtue of the position, my curiosity is satisfied. Learning to live in a new personal status, how to choose to smile and be happy, how to be less excited by people. She is starting to learn about investment options, talks at every opportunity about the quality of the environment, waste separation. Dreaming of creating significant value for a more beautiful world. At the same time, a comprehensive course for studying US real estate investments is starting.
Financial management: still tight, accumulating every year, this time for investments. The rest, also in the approach - profitable long-term investments. Funding sources in Israel are used for business leverage and personal development.
Length: 4 years

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